The Beast

The Beast

A Poem by Thorn

Up for some Fire Breathing Unicorn goodness, anyone?


Let me tell you of a creature,

With a coat as black as night.

With eyes like fire, hooves like stone,

Who’s never seen the light.


A virgin’s hand can’t tame this beast,

It would rather slay than heal.

Its very presence makes mortals weep,

And compels great kings to kneel.


Look! Look! The beast it comes;

Glaring fire, belching flame.

Burning houses, trampling children,

All the while roaring its name.


“I am the Fire Breathing Unicorn of Darkness,

Immortal as the starry night!

Demons are no match for me,

They howl and take their flight,”


“Lucifer himself can not control me!

I am the fear that darkness hides.

I am the terror of shadows and fire,

And in hatred, I take no sides,”

© 2010 Thorn

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Author's Note

Well, I think it's obvious that this poem was written by someone who doesn't know Fud very well. Maybe one of those old Doomsayer fogies?
Anyway; enjoy! And, if you haven't already, check out my other stories concerning this character: "The Fire Breathing Unicorn of Darkness", and, "He Has a Way With Children".
*Dedicated to Cheezit, for her inspiring reviews*

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okay.. i admit my ignorance.. is that FUD like Fear, Uncertainty and Doubt or is that fud like (the way you pronouce) the word food ? lol.... hmm.. F=firebreathing U=unicorn D=darkness??? okay... I lost my mind for a brief moment... now I've found it.. I can now say I really love this poem!

Posted 10 Years Ago

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Amazing! I love it! I love Fud, he is just SO awesome. :P

And dedicated to me? I can't possibly see why, but I'm honored to inspire you. All I did was review your awesome work.

Keep it up, Thorn! I hope to see more from you. :)

Posted 10 Years Ago

absolutely wonderful!

Posted 10 Years Ago

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Added on August 28, 2010
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