Bullets And B******s

Bullets And B******s

A Poem by Tomi

The sins of their fathers are all to blame

They kill innocents, set houses to flames

They blame the father that never fathered

Their consolation for those they’ve murdered


They tell you stories of child abuse

“I’m not an addict, I just use”

 My life would have been much better

Only if I knew my birth-mother


They beat up the ‘geeks’ at school

You’re such a ‘dork’ but I’m cool

They grow to become hooligans

It’s dad’s drinking and mum’s shenanigans


They’ll engage with girls of adolescence

And mourn about their lost innocence

That aunty that slept in their room

How virginity went too soon


They’ll hide behind the shame

Of a home without a name

They’ll blame it all on their family

Saying yes to every man’s “will you marry me”?


Is it okay for one to die?

Is it all right for one to kill?

Is it fine if your friend gets shot?

And the bullets came from men called “b******s”

© 2013 Tomi

Author's Note

The term "bastard" in this context means a person that is flawed, abused, rejected..e.t.c.. we are all flawed and have been hurt in some way. Nevertheless, our pains shouldn't justify causing other people pain. Every serial killer, serial Rapist, Domestic abuser, e.t.c always has a story of how someone elses hurt them; while i sympathise, I Hate that they use it as an excuse.. God forbid that i Judge anyone but we have to wake up, stop playing the blame game and take responsiblity for our Lives.

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This poem kinda reminds me of an old saying, "The world is what you make of it." We all have been the geek or the bully is someway. And blaming society or family is not the way to find closure to our actions.

Posted 11 Years Ago


11 Years Ago

Thank you for reviewing :)
Yeah, though blaming others makes us better, it doesn't really get better.

Posted 11 Years Ago

It is interesting but I kind of dont follow it. It is kind of jumbled in a way. There is no clear path to me as to where the poem is going or what the deeper meaning is to this. The only stanza that makes clear sense is stanza 3,4,5..and those are the ones I like

Posted 11 Years Ago

A good poem about a very difficult subject. People who do bad things ( sometimes ) have themselves suffered a lot, and need treatment and not punishment. Excuse is the wrong word.

Posted 11 Years Ago

I like the honest thoughts in the poem. Can blame the father and the world? In the end. You must swim in your good or bad decisions. The poem told a real and scary story of this world. Thank you for the outstanding poetry.

Posted 11 Years Ago

Profound, honest commentary on the human condition of the blame game..
Well done.

Posted 11 Years Ago

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I'm afraid of two things; fear and the illusion of who i might be. I write to escape. Proudly Nigerian. more..

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