The Three Combined

The Three Combined

A Story by Trident Bearer

Josh, Amy and Simon travel about 600 years back in time, only to find themselves in something bigger than magic itself.


I knew my worst nightmare had started when my English teacher told the class about the project we had to do about Shakespeare. “You have a choice of working by yourself or in groups”. I immediately looked at my best friends Amy and Simon. There was no way I was going to work alone in this enormous project. I mean I didn’t even know anything about Shakespeare expect that he wrote plays. Though there was another two reasons I didn’t want to work alone. It was because of Simon and Amy. They didn’t have any other friends. Me neither. We were like the outlaws of the class. But with that I also knew that Amy knew a lot about Shakespeare. She kept on babbling about different facts about Shakespeare all period, not that I was listening. The bell rang and we were all dismissed. Luckily, it was last period and we made our way home. Somehow strangely, we all lived next to each other. I had known Amy and Simon, practically, all my life. We stopped and my house to grab a drink (fizzy not alcohol) and made our way to Amy’s backyard.

“So what are we doing again?” I asked carefully but my luck wasn’t in.

“Weren’t you even listening to what I was saying,” Amy screeched.

“If you had stopped babbling about some dumb facts, I wouldn’t have been at the verge of falling asleep.”

“You were almost falling asleep,” Amy started to yell when Simon stopped us.

“Will you two just stop it?” Simon shouted at the top of his voice. Simon waited a couple of seconds before Amy and I regained ourselves.

“Okay, can I ask again, what are we doing for our project?” I asked, again.

“I thought we could do…” Amy started but was interrupted by a tune of music. The melody was hypnotising. I turned my gaze towards the fine and lovely music. In the middle of the air, there was a small hole, big enough for me to fit in. Hypnotised by the music, Simon walked towards the hole and jumped and he went through the hole. What, how did that happen? No, the better question was how is that hole even there? Also hypnotised by the soothing music, Amy jumped and also went through the hole. Now I knew there was something up and that I had to follow my friends. I walked up to the hole and adjusted my jump and jumped. As I entered through the dark hole, I thought to myself, what did I get myself into.

My eyes stirred open as I tried to get up. I was getting familiar with the new environment. A house or an olden shop? Olden shop, yes, with all the broken teacups, glasses and plates it was totally abandoned shop. That smell, yuck man, where was that horrible and disgusting smell coming from. I looked around for something that could give me clue of what the awful smell was. Ah there was Simon, snoring away, upside down on the ground. That was it, Simon farting in his sleep but where was Amy? She would have puked at the smell. I looked around to find here. She was at the corner of the shop. Somehow, she had landed on a bed. Luckily man. She was peacefully sleeping, on the bed, man wasn’t she beautiful? With her blonde hair falling over her head. Wait! Does this mean I like her? I mean she is beautiful but she was my best friend. ‘Friends are the ones that become true lovers’ I had heard somewhere. Aw, this is more confusing than maths. Suddenly, the whole shop shook and Simon and Amy woke up and were looking confused. I explained what they did and that somehow we got here.

“Where are we anyway?” Amy asked.

“Don’t know, looks like an abandoned shop,” I replied.

“Why don’t we look outside?” Simon suggested. We all stood up and went outside. I went first and was shocked at what I saw. Outside, there were men and women with old fashion clothing from around the 17th century. There were homeless people sleeping all around the place. Men and women walking around like there was no tomorrow. No one was even glancing at us. Men wore simple clothing like old fashion suits, long hats and trousers. Women wore a simple dress and jewellery on their necks.

“Where the hell are we?”  Simon questioned, who had recovered from the shock we just had.

 “Don’t know,” I replied, flatly.

“Why don’t we look around?” Amy proposed. We started walking towards some noise as we might see something useful. As we walked, I started to notice that we were in a market place. It looked filthy and dangerous. Everywhere, there were beggars and homeless people. There were wooden houses, or that looked like one, that had billboards saying ‘Alehouses’. What the heck is that? There were people performing on the street. Something a bit far away had caught my eye. There was a huge bear with four dogs surrounding it. I pointed what I saw to Amy. Amy gasped then gasped again.

“What is it?” I asked     

“I know what that is,” Amy answered. “That’s bear baiting and we have just gone back in time to the 17th Century.”

“Well, isn’t that perfect,” Simon said, sarcastically. “We were supposed to do something about Shakespeare and we came back in time.”

“Look at that,” Amy said. I turned to see where she was pointing. In front of me, there was a massive wall and at the top it said ‘Globe Theatre’.

“Wasn’t the Globe Theatre burnt down in 1613?” I asked Amy.

“Yeah, so we must be in the year 1613 or earlier,” Amy responded, looking impressed that I knew something. “And Shakespeare should be alive.”

“Oh great, just what we needed,” Simon said, mockingly.

“Let’s go in,” I said.

“Are you crazy?” Amy asked.

“Yes,” I replied, grinning. I waked in and my friends had no choice but to follow. “Looks like a back entrance.” We kept on walking about hundred metres before we got to a staircase which went up and down.

“Up or down?” I asked Amy, seeing as she was the intelligent.

“Up,” Amy replied. We started climbing the stairs. After a while, I got bored and started counting the stairs. After 50 steps, we reached the top of the staircase.

“Yes! At last the top,” Simon exclaimed. In front of us, there was a small room and the door was open. We all walked in the room. It was small but spacious. There were books everywhere, all kinds of books, big and small. All of a sudden, there was a click behind us and we jumped. We quickly turned around to see what happened. There was a man who looked around the age of fifty. The normal suit and trousers but he didn’t have a hat on.

“I know who you are,” Amy said. “You’re Shakespeare.”

“Well of course I am Shakespeare and who would you three be?” Shakespeare said.

“I am Amy and this is Josh and Simon,” Amy said, pointing to me and Simon.

“So what you three might be doing in my room.”

“Umm... we were just looking around,” Amy started talking.

“And why would that be?”

‘Because we came from the future,” I blurted out. Suddenly, Shakespeare looked like he was paying attention. He looked at us, closely and gasped. He quickly opened the door and peered out. Then he closed the door and locked it.

“So you say you are from the future,” Shakespeare said.

“Yes,” The three of us said together.

“So it’s coming true,” Shakespeare mumbled.

“What’s coming true?” Simon asked. Somehow, he heard Shakespeare as if he radar ears.

“The prophecy,” said Shakespeare.

“What prophecy?” Amy asked as she knew what he was talking about.

Shakespeare recited, as if it was an old prophecy. “The three come from the future, as the writers days come to an end. Earth, Air and Water combined, shall see the fire destroy. With the powers combined, on then shall the fire die?”

We were standing there shocked to know that we were meant to be here. I turned to look at Amy; I could see the gears changing in her head.

 “So we are the three,” Amy questioned.

“Yeah,” Shakespeare answered.

“So who are Earth, Air, Water and Fire?”

“Earth is you Amy, Air is you Simon and Water is you Josh.”

“What how are we Earth, Water, and Air oh and you missed out Fire.”

“Fire is Kredron.”

“Who’s Kredron?”

“Kredron is the guy who can control fire and he is the person who burnt the Globe theatre.”

“But the Globe theatre is still…” I started.

“That was three years ago,” Shakespeare interrupted

“So that means we are in the year 1616,”I said, calculating which year we were in.

“So you are trying to say the three of us control the elements earth, air and water.”

“Yes and no,” Shakespeare said. “No because you don’t have these powers and yes because you will soon have these powers from me.”

“But why are you giving it to us?”

“I have my own reason and it has already been prophesised.”

“How are we supposed to learn how to use the powers?”

“You get the full extent of knowledge on how to use these powers.” Shakespeare said.  “So why don’t we begin the process”

 “What if we don’t want to do this?”

“Then count yourselves dead, if Kredron finds who you are he won’t leave you alive.”

“Do we get to keep these powers?” Simon asked

Shakespeare giggled and answered, “Yeah you do but you can’t pass it on to any one, Ok let’s go.”

Shakespeare took the lead and went across the room towards the shelf. He took two books out then put back one. Somehow the shelf started to separate there was a hidden passage revealed. We followed Shakespeare through the passage. There was a room at the end of the passage. It was the same size as the other room but this room had nothing but four chairs.

“Before we start I want to tell you about Kredron, firstly he was my apprentice.”

“What?” We screamed together.

“Yes he was apprenticed by me before I met him .I knew all the elements powers but because he was my best student, I gave him the power of fire. With the power of fire he got greedy and evil and wanted all the other elements powers power but I refused. I was very weak due to my powers to someone so when I refused he burned down the whole theatre left me to die.”

“So how are you alive?” Amy asked.

“I was lucky enough for someone to save me,” Shakespeare replied. “Okay enough, let’s begin the process.”

 “Wait a minute what’s the date.” I asked, wondering what the date was.

“April 23rd

Shakespeare told us to hold and make a circle. He stared to mumble something under his breath .Out of nowhere an invisible wave hit the four of us we got blocked out of our feet. I stood up helped my friends and Shakespeare up.

I felt powerful and at the top of the world. I looked over to Shakespeare. He looked weak no immensely weak.

“When I gave you my powers it alerted Kredron.”

“What?” There three of us cried.

As if on the cue, the doors opened and in front of us there was a man. Wow that was fast. He was wearing a black s**t with long dark black trousers. With his dark so at flaming eyes, he looked very and scary to me.

“So this is the people who are here to save the world.”

He clicked his fingers and a flame was ignited on this fingers. Then he curled his hand and the flame got bigger and bigger. Shakespeare stood and ran towards Kredron. I tried to stop him but it was too late Kredron had released the ball of flame towards Shakespeare. The ball of flame hit Shakespeare directly in his chest. He was propelled backwards and to landed on his back.

He was severely injured in the place where the fire had hit him. This angered me as I had just seen someone hurt someone.

I glanced over to my friends with that expression they wore definitely angered.

“So it’s time to die kids,” Kredron said, laughing out loudly.

He started motioning another flame towards us. I quickly swiped my hand through the air and wave of water came through out of nowhere. Cool. I looked over to my friend’s saw they were using their powers as well. Kredron looked surprised and shocked. I took this opportunity and motioned any friends to attack.

Together with the three powers combined we attacked Kredron. Somehow, we speed up to the speed of lightning and hit Kredron with the elements. He got knocked back and hit his back on the wall. We were severely injured but unlike Shakespeare the elements stared to consume him. As soon as he was fully consumed, there was a blinding flash which shook the whole place. It also knocked three of the us off our feet. There was fire everywhere even on Shakespeare. I also realised at the moment that this is how he originally died. Then the music started, I looked over to where it was coming from. There it was again the black hole. I glanced over to my friends. They nodded. They both and jumped through it.  I got up and looked around and before jumping I said to no one, “Let’s hope, this get us home.”

© 2011 Trident Bearer

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