Diamonds in the rough

Diamonds in the rough

A Poem by Pikachu

Message for the girls out there


Girls who have cried in the river of tears, those who have walked that path.

Love and hurt, pain and passion.Seems to be a concurrent past.Why do you cry?The emotions felt, the ones that shake foundation.I have never been in your position or maybe I have. To feel like you will never be loved again, or nobody will replace that once loved one

and even you dont deserve any better.

Can we change the future tomorow? We look at the clock, hidden in the shadows of 

uncertainty. Resistant, stubborn until the abyss of death. But if you do not 

ignore time, time will show the pain that you stood through. 

Whatever happened to love letters? What ever happened to fairy tales?Where the happily ever after happens.

What ever happened to writing a simple "I Love you" 

and actually meaning those wordsWhy do you girls stand for anything less that what you deserve,you beautiful faces, beautiful traits.Dont let anybody treat you any less,dont let anybody step on your elegance.Guys know how to love right, girls know what it feels like to be truly loved.Every moment takes your breath away...Slow Dances in the moonlight,

roses just for the moment, just to make you smile.Reading poetry and love songs on hill watching the sunset, the sunrise in each other's arms.

Youre the only two, dazzling spirits. No matter what anyone says, your faith cant be broken.

Its big flame, bright and burning with passion in yours souls.

Every day you see, two of you stand alone.

Even though you live life, even when you get tired, even if you both fall.

Trapped in the worlds maze, youre the one who comfort the other. 

After meeting one another, lifes like a fairy tale, always a happy ending.

Hearts directed to each other, bigger than the moumtains and trees.

The happiness are like oceans, constantly coming in waves.

The gushes of the wind match up to to the moments where you take my breath away. Forever, just the two of you, your love is always present.So smile theres no reason for tears,no reason for the regret in your heart. Smile and shine like stars in the night sky, like the beautiful souls you all deserve to be.Diamonds in the rough, priceless to those who learns to value you.Neverending joy to those who learns to love you right. 

© 2011 Pikachu

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Added on August 22, 2011
Last Updated on August 22, 2011



Pozzorubbio, Pangasinan, Philippines

My lyfe is a story in a story beyond what the eye sees you just have to open your eyes to see my true intentions... Im Brian Ochoada Galvez Im full bloodied filipino Living in Virginia, USA Goin.. more..