Until u know your worth u will never go in forth

Until u know your worth u will never go in forth

A Story by Truths reflection

Its not a story but rather a text i wrote when I had that spur of creativity

You may be the most successful person in the world , but not feel like it.
Not because you are not successful, but you lack faith in yourself.

That moment when you live your life the way you want; and stop caring about stupid society standards, tgen and only then you will taste the true taste of life. We lie to ourselves everyday, everymorning, every moment, thinking that what we do is for ourselves.

We want to live in a lie until that lie, for us, becomes reality. But why?

Why can't we just accept that we are all humans , that each and every one of us has faults, and that these faults were not created to be hidden they were created to be embraced.

In every society if you find more than 3 that accept their reality, just know, and memorize what I'm saying well this society was taught well and raised well.

Because modern societies, and modern societies only are the ones that banish differences and work on similarities. Are the ones that help you get over your insecurities not by a bunch of chemicals surgeries, or activities. They are the societies that help you believe that no one is perfect, and that god created a flaw for each of us.

Many countries went from under the dump to above the sky do you know why?
They did what I mentioned before.

Do you know why some societies are not moving??

Simplest way possible: they are giving us access to things that help us erase faults that aren't even there, we get busy by erasing our fake and made up faults that we forget that we need to work on ourselves to improve.

I think and I solely believe with one quote :

until you learn your worth you'll never go on forth

© 2017 Truths reflection

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Added on February 18, 2017
Last Updated on March 13, 2017


Truths reflection
Truths reflection

Amman, Middle east, Jordan

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