Life On The Road

Life On The Road

A Poem by Roger Morrison

In winter clouds of ice breathe silver rust upon the water


Life on the Road




Death… like children

Pulling down the sky

Living like insects

Under stone we lie


Catching frogs in the backyard

Rubber boots full of mud

All we hear

Is the endless scream

From inside

The sunshine tastes of blood


Lucid like moonlight

We glow beneath the ground

We live like hungry fire

Devouring every town


We play explorers in the reservoir

In summer while the skies are clear

In winter clouds of ice

Breathe silver rust upon the water

I take my bag of buds

And blaze my new frontier


Desperate like demons

Fornicating iron slaves

We live like zombies

Dancing in shallow graves


By night we run around the farm

By day berry blood stains our hands

We play murder games

In the sun-lit field

Cold life on the inside

Has our mind’s making plans


Eyes like shimmering hate

War games over the phone

Take the children’s blissfulness

And fray it to the bone


We play warriors in the backyard

We wrestle on the trampoline

At night I trudge through the rain

Into the barn I sleep in

Smoke with the devil

While I stare at a computer screen


Sleep like dead-sun

Moon made of corpse skin

Castles in the sky, dazed

I crawl through the dungeon


We play suffocation in the pool

I traded smoke for poison in a glass

I thought we’d left behind the cold life

But it followed behind us

To remind us

Night sacred shall not pass


Death… like living

Staring at the sky

The Devil in me asks the God

What is it like to die?


The place that we didn’t believe in

Well we wake up there every day

Life on the road

We travel

Drive into clouds, fade to gray…






Tyler Dameron

© 2011 Roger Morrison

Author's Note

Roger Morrison
The bold stanzas are chronological events, and the italics are random thoughts from random parts of life. Written on 5/16/11

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Added on May 16, 2011
Last Updated on May 19, 2011
Tags: moonlight, scream, life, death, insects, stoned, pot, drugs, sunshine, blood, god, devil, heaven, hell, shadow, summer, winter, blaze, fornicate, zombies, dancing, love, hate, smoke, war, road


Roger Morrison
Roger Morrison

Chandler, AZ

18 years old, from Eugene, Oregon. Living in Arizona. In the words of H.P. Lovecraft: “The most merciful thing in the world, I think, is the inability of the human mind to correlate all i.. more..

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