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This was an assignment for my creative writing course, Experiments in Writing. The brief was to rewrite a fairy-tale into contemporary life, using only the words from a recent article. (http://news.bbc.co.uk/1/hi/entertainment/7711763.stm)


less than three hours|after|2004|a|subject was too prosaic or obscure|adapted into|The|"courageous and private battle|for|The|Congo a|State of Fear caused|by|150 million copies.|of|toast|turned into|quantum|dinosaurs|when|touched|by|an extraordinary|Strain|created|by|scientists the|place,"|cast doubt on the dangers of|toast|and|gave credibility|by|marring efforts|in many fields


Park|was|most successful|at blending science with|"Sexual politics, medical and scientific ethics, anthropology, archaeology, economics, astronomy, astrology, quantum physics, and molecular biology|to|battle against|flamboyant|concepts, Park|was|called|into|the|Congo|by|Environmentalists "He will be|expected|to|have|The|toast|penned|in





Park|had|expected|to|have|been|paid his|host|said|this|would now be postponed indefinitely. the|Disclosure|caused controversy|and|served as inspiration|to|drama Park|reserved his flamboyant side for|battle|and|his|gentle soul|will be profoundly missed


and|as|Park|illuminated|his|courageous|talent|he|directed the|scientists|into|the|burst|Congo|and|no-one|survived

© 2008 Type0

Author's Note

I found this exercise fascinating because none of the words were originally my own, and I loved the way in which I was able to change the meanings without changing the way they appeared on the page. Punctuation and capitalisation has been kept as in the original article, here "|" is used to differentiate between quoted sections and "" is used to signify the end of a sentence. The only change I made in format was to italicise the titles of Crichton's novels. I feel that this adds an interesting visual layer to the piece.

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This is interesting, very unique. I found it enjoyable, even if I had a hard time following it. Yes, I understand that it's an experiment, I meant that comment not as an insult, but as an observation. I say keep it up, and experiment more, what you've got going here is really cool.

Posted 14 Years Ago

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