The Thing About Good People

The Thing About Good People

A Poem by Sabi

Here's the thing about good people; 

They can take your worries and turn them into a balloon
just so you can let go of the chord 
and watch it all fly toward the moon.
They hold your burdens as if they're their own
just so your shoulders feel less heavy
and to make you feel less alone.
When you feel broken they collect the pieces
and hide them in their soul
just so you can feel whole.
They give you their smile 
when you have lost yours
and have forgotten how to in a while.
When you can only speak through tears
they wrap their arms around you
silently telling you they are all ears.

Good people seem to be made from all the stars
a walking constellation taken from outer space
so when darkness is all that you can embrace
their presence makes your world a lighter place.
And good people like this are hard to find
with their good hearts and beautiful minds
they restore faith in humankind.
Because for all of this they expect nothing in return
since your happiness is their only concern.  

And the thing about good people
they believe it's an obvious thing to do
gratitude is not something they pursue.
So although you'll wave it away
the only thing I have left to say
to the good people of whom there are few
I want to say thanks
for simply being you.

© 2021 Sabi

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I need to reread this one after reading the online news every morning. I believe the people you describe are all around us, but because they don't do things that are externally sensational, you seldom hear about them. A very uplifting piece here.

Posted 4 Months Ago


4 Months Ago

Very true about the seldom hearing about it. In order to not become pessimistic, we should all learn.. read more

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Added on March 21, 2021
Last Updated on April 7, 2021
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