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A story that I considered creating a spin-off book based off of.


His breath was like a ghost in the night. The freezing air hung around him and whispered silent prayers. The city seemed empty that night as its muffled sounds played in the back of my mind. I knew that he didn't want me around.

“Why are you here?” he said, crossing his arms. He acted as if he was angry with me, but his eyes, filled with sorrow, begged me to save him. I knew that there was something wrong with him. I knew that he needed help, fast.

“I could ask you the same thing,” I replied, digging my hands into my coat pockets. “Shouldn't you be at home right now?”

“I was just on my way there,” he said, avoiding my gaze. “I'm coming home from a party.”

“But your house is that way,” I said, pointing down the east road. A car zoomed past us, its lights coloring the wet winter roads for a moment. He watched it go by with a quiet longing.

He didn't say anything as he shuddered in his jacket, rubbing his hands against his sleeves. He didn't look at me, but his lips began to twitch into a frown. He closed his eyes for a while and then turned away.

“I don't have time for this,” he said to me, starting to walk down the sidewalk. I didn't stop him, but sped up and walked beside him. He looked at me with sad eyes as he walked.

“Why are you following me, Vincent? I don't want to talk to you,” he muttered.

“I know that you weren't going home,” I said. “I know that there's something wrong, and you're afraid of telling me, Cody.”

“I'm not afraid of telling you anything, because there's nothing to tell!”

Cody shut his eyes and shook his head as he quickened his pace. I kept up with him as best I could. I had to get him to stop so I could talk to him. I had to get through to him.

“Cody, stop,” I demanded. I extended my hand to him.

“Leave me alone, already!” he hissed, slapping my hand away from him and not looking in my direction. I couldn't let him get away.

I lashed out and grabbed onto his arm, twisting him to face me and pushing up his sleeve. We were both silent as his pale arm was revealed in the dim lights of the late evening, covered in black bruises. He didn't pull away. He didn't hesitate. I lightened my grip on his arm and looked at him. His eyes were covered by his bangs.

“I got tackled in football,” he whispered. I pushed down his sleeve but didn't release his arm.

“We both know that you don't play sports,” I said quietly. He ripped his arm out of my grasp and crossed his arms again, his head bent over so I couldn't see his face. He began to tremble.

“Why can't you just leave me alone?” he muttered. “I don't want your help.”

“I don't care what you want,” I said. “I only care about finding out how you got those bruises. Don't give me some excuse, just tell me the truth.”

Cody didn't say anything. He didn't look up at me or tell me to go away. He stayed motionless.

“Cody!” I shouted. He bent over even lower, trembling violently and putting his hands over his ears.

“Go away! Just leave me alone!” he pleaded. I was about to grab onto his arm again so that he wouldn't run away. Suddenly, Cody was in my grasp, his arms wrapped around me. I held him, surprised, as tears flooded down his cheeks. A tear dripped on my collarbone and I noticed a bruise at his hairline. I didn't let him go, but didn't say anything to him.

After Cody stopped crying, he released his grip and took a few steps backwards. He kept his hands at his sides and he looked at me, his eyes seeming to harden the sadness away. He explained to me where the bruises came from and made me promise not to tell anyone. I nodded.

“Come stay at my house,” I said. “I'll make sure that you're safe there.”

“But my parents will be so mad at me,” Cody exclaimed. “That will just make things worse...”

“Don't worry about it, nothing will happen, I promise.”

Cody hesitated, but agreed. I walked him to my house as the sun disappeared over the city.


That night, I explained to my parents while Cody slept about him being abused. They weren't just going to sit there and do nothing, so my mother called the police. Cody's parents were arrested that night. Cody was furious about me breaking my promise, but I knew that I saw relief in his eyes when he realized that he was free. Everything wasn't going to be as easy after that point, however. Cody's parents were brought to trial and Cody and I testified against them in court with my parents' help. They were found guilty, and Cody and I celebrated.

The joy could not last forever. There came a time when the social worker showed up at our door and explained that Cody would need to be put into foster care. I begged my parents to adopt Cody and let him stay with us, but they told me that it just didn't work that way. They couldn't afford to support a second child.

On the night of Cody's departure, I told him that we would write each other every day and that I would always keep in touch. We swore that we would be best friends forever. He looked me in the eye and agreed to our promise. I wished him off with a heavy heart, but knew that he would find happiness somewhere.


Cody and I kept our promise for quite a while. We wrote and kept in touch about almost everything. He had been to quite a few foster homes but was doing well as far as he told me. Suddenly, on the day that Cody turned 16, he stopped writing me. I tried to get in contact but couldn't. I figured that it was just too difficult to keep a hopeless friendship going, so I tried to accept the fact that I had lost Cody. I cried that day. I was going to miss him, but I knew that he would find a best friend who would always care for him like I used to. Sometimes I still wonder...

Why did he stop writing me that day?

© 2011 Anonymous

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This was quite an interesting little story. Rather sad. I especially liked the part when Cody hugged "you" (or Vincent). I just thought that was sad, but sweet. I could see this being a book... Whatever you decide, it'll be great. Wonderful job, sis. Thanks for sharing!
(Told you I'd keep my promise... Pinky Promises are RELIABLE) lol. :3

Posted 8 Years Ago

I liked it. :3 I don't think you should make it into a book, there are too many with the whole "my friend's parents abuse him" type of thing. Even so, I really liked it. Great write. :D

Posted 8 Years Ago had me enchanted down to the very last word. I would lovve to see this as a book. I really would. The way you described everything was just enthralling, and I couldn't take my eyes off the page. Why did Cody stop writing Vincent? I would love to know!!

Posted 8 Years Ago

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