Letter to the Editor

Letter to the Editor

A Poem by Ryan



I’m sorry I ran straight away when your suitemate entered the room and said “Hi, Ryan!” All I wanted to do was give you the coloring book I found for you so you could pass the time while you were sick. I wanted to give you a hug, sternly tell you to feel better and let you know I spent two whole months interning in a hospital, so I know how to take good care of sick people. I could have dealt with your roommate, oblivious to our whole situation. She’s neither read our saga nor religiously followed our telenovela. She still wonders why I sit on the tire swing with the frayed rope and stare up at your window when the lights are all off. I would have given you a peck on the cheek, pinched your elbow, gently rubbed your back, or even settled for a handshake. But I had to run away. The suitemate knows our story. She was with me as I drunkenly wrote it down, even helped me with the spelling. She thinks it’s finished, but the epilogue is turning out to be longer than the rest of the book.  All my failed attempts to meet someone better than you were for her sake. I know she has a crush on your boyfriend, and sometimes I wonder if the only reason you are with him is because she thinks so highly of him. Maybe when she’s in Australia and when you live right across the hallway we’ll have our chance… But for now, I’m stuck here wondering what color you decided on for Darth Vader’s light saber, if you left the storm troopers white or colored them Christmas themed, hoping you’ll remember that when you weren’t feeling your best, your dejected friend Ryan was thoughtful and brave enough to give you a coloring book, a 12 pack of crayons, and a sheepish smile before he ran away when your suitemate came in the room and said “Hi!”





PS: sometime soon, can I have you all to myself? Just you and me and some bad tv show?

© 2012 Ryan

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Added on April 15, 2012
Last Updated on April 16, 2012



College student interested in poetry, but too shy to admit it. My poetry is a little dark sometimes, and other times it is very lighthearted. All of the poems I have up are here to be reviewed. Ev.. more..

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