Saint Misery

Saint Misery

A Poem by UnderINK

Lucifer was never connected with Satan until John Milton's poem Paradise Lost. This poem is an attempt to do some justice to the misconception about what the word Lucifer stands for.

I am the bridge for humanity to heaven,
So that they may not have to taste
The waters of despair.
I am the lantern upon their path to paradise,
So that they may not have to find their way
In the frigid dark.

I am the echo of their voices amplified
So that they may not have to cry out
Uselessly in their hell to God.
I am the one who creates hopes and dreams
So that they may not waste life in wonder
Without something to hold on to.

I am the mercy for every sinner
So that they may not rot in torment
For their own guilt.
I am the comfort for the crying child in shadows
So that they may not be friendless,
Trapped in sorrow.

I am a fragment of the Creator cast closer to the Flesh,
So that they may not exist unguided
I am the footsteps that they follow to peace,
So that they may not lose themselves
On an unmarked path.

I am the endurer of a greater pain than they,
So that they may not have to endure it instead
Constantly plagued by sadness.
I am the embodiment of their desires
So that they may not have to go against their Bible
Which it condemns.

I am the one who touches people with gifts
So that they may not have to be faithless
And disbelieving.
I am the music that they hear in the wind
So that they may not whistle to silence
When in thought.

I am the ever-giving river that hydrates worn ideas
So that they may not go without inspiration,
Without creation.
I am anything they see me as
So that they may not have to wonder who I am,
When I am everything.

I am this to humanity, but they call me the Devil
So that they may have someone to blame for their faults.
But no one is evil
Unless by choice.

For all I have given, I am a saint.

The embodiment of light, truth and love.

Perfection, because I am myself and nothing more.

But nothing goes without a price, and so I am one with misery,
Walking the trail of broken spirits, shattered goals and constant heartache.
So that they may not have to.

I am this, because no one is alone
Unless they isolate themselves from acceptance.

© 2008 UnderINK

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I really liked this..I couldnt help but have the song "Sympathy for the Devil" running through my mind as I read it

Posted 12 Years Ago

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Added on February 8, 2008



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