Love Pirate (The Captain and the Lover)

Love Pirate (The Captain and the Lover)

A Poem by UnderINK

Why do you love your woman?

Why do men become pirates?
Does a captain love his ship or the sea?
Am I drawn to the dark open waters,
Or the safety a vessel grants me?
Why do men become lovers?
Do they love her for body or mind?
Are they drawn by seduction and dancing,
Or the wonder of how she is kind?
Are pirates and lovers just faces
That men take to get what they want?
Do they really do it only for money,
And glory and something to flaunt?
Do captains just want people to order,
And lovers just to be in command?
Or does a captain's heart lie in the ocean,
And a lover's heart in only her hands?

© 2008 UnderINK

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Easy to read and enjoyable. I am not a huge pirate fan, but I was pulled in by the questions. I enjoy the idea that a lover and the ocean are the same in a way.

Posted 3 Years Ago

in terms of the concept, this was great. A good poem takes you places and to the heart of the matter. This one certainly did that for me.
The sailor just couldn't take another wave on his sinking ship of honesty perhaps. The now pirate's only intention is to find dry land.
Great poem, i enjoyed the journey!

Posted 3 Years Ago


My favourite poetic theme and the most badass species on earth. Love and pirates is a beautiful mixture.

Okay enough of me being silly, the amalgamation of lovers and pirates for the purpose of making a point about men was very strange, but in a sense effective.

"Do captains just want people to order,
And lovers just to be in command?
Or does a captain's heart lie in the ocean,
And a lover's heart in only her hands?"

These lines are my favourite. The rhythm of the poem is just nice. It reads easily.

Posted 12 Years Ago

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I really enjoyed this. They say to be wary of asking questions when writing (though I am often found doing it, somewhat out of spite) and you pulled it off very well. I like the staged feeling it has, as though you're wondering this out loud to your self, but it's somewhat of a monologue, projected not just so you can ask your questions, but so the audience can ask them as well.

Posted 12 Years Ago

Mind, body and soul. That is my take on love. That does not seem to be what most guys are thinking.

I like your cross analysis of pirates and lovers. What do they have in common? What do they have to contrast? I love pirates, and am working on a pirate story, "Plunder, Booty, and the Beaver." That is kind of a funny title!

Great write!


Posted 12 Years Ago

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