AW 3/12

AW 3/12

A Story by Tigran Avoundjian

automatic writing. 3/12/08 10:07 AM PST



Fiery octopus in a garden with a harp.  Wings spread and electrons orbiting around halos.  Prehistoric cave drawings on saran wrapped walls aluminum foil gnashing teeth.  Red tears wet eyes and blue shadows around purple smiles.  Raspberry tart and hamster wheels spin round round round.  Thinking man - Picasso style.  Blue and Thelonius Monk jamming with the Coltrane Soultrane Afro Blue Impressions of a B*****s Brew.  Automaton.  Anomaly can’t spell really can’t spell ethanol methanol butanol benzene no problem thank you come again.  Conformist formality.  Punk rock it out in stripes like a zebra bandit crook.


Interruption.  Vibratio.  Ring goes the banana phone.  Amino charged fingertips connect spread sensations and punctuate sentences.  Begin wth caps close with commas.  Semicolon for confusion.  Colon for finality.  Question marks when nervous, exclamations only for exasperated hyperventilation.  Right hand shake left hand squeak.  Kiss baby bang bang shoot shoot for warmth in happy guns.  Beatles in silver rings.  Buddy would be proud.


Weirdness.  I me you your self he she it pronoun annunciate your words carefully.  A cat and mouse dance on the table top dog chasing cat hiding mouse running away.  Out of ink f**k s**t c**t Tourrettes.  Flowers blooming.  Sunflower.  Sun.  Sol.  Solenoid.  Coil. Electric.  Inductive magnetism.  Gumshoe, stride, trident, orbits.  orbital, nebula, galaxy.  Seahorse and green men in a windpipe and chimney sweepers.  Chim chimney chirrey macka doshuz yee dawg freestyle bebop bboy flygirl battle smoking fly s**t dawg. 


End transmission.  One armed scissor.

© 2008 Tigran Avoundjian

Author's Note

Tigran Avoundjian
ignore spelling errors, punctuation indicates pauses, not intended to conform to grammatical rules or standards. content not intended to be brilliant, meaningful, or insightful -- merely an exploration of my thought process. comment on bits that caught your attention and that you would like to see more of.


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Added on March 12, 2008


Tigran Avoundjian
Tigran Avoundjian

Glendale, CA

"The idea is to remain in a state of constant departure while always arriving." -Waking Life I don't write. I regurgitate the phantom voices that stew in my brain, banging against the walls of my sk.. more..