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Metaphore Poeme

Before speaking one to each other we will take a fraction of time to think about what we want to say, to have something to say we need a other soul who's conscious to be living in the world we share because if no one ever saw you live and you neither your mind wouldn't know what is to be alive inside the world where he is. To speak we need a tought, to have a tought we need some else to hear and share what we have to say about the what is are tought, to share something in the world we share outside we have to mesure the impact that will come out of the analyze we made inside are mind conscious of being on the same time line sharing the same situation at the present moment coming from the near futur we live togheter who gave us a reson to understand we are living life inside the world inconscious to be togheter
We have a need to be living in community to help one and each other when life bring us the worst instead of what's better for the near futur, this will we have and need to be togheter against the worst life can imagine for one of us come with a fundamental task placed inside the reson we have been given the knowledge to think about what are the word we want to speak before the consequence take shape inside the sentence chosen to influence the reson that took place outside what was needed to be heard. The road we choose to take outside the world we imagine being are own where nobody can change or hear what we really think from one and each other living with us on earth but just like the basic of the need we have to be in groupe came from the necessity are soul have to understand being alive inside are self with the reflection outside where we tought about it because if no one ever saw your life you wouldn't know you are living without seeing whats is to be alive, so if some else is required to speak outside are world we build inside us inconscious of the same law we follow to share a tought we
A soul need to mesure his value outside the world we all build inside are mind with the projection of emotional peaces we received after being judge from where we stand in the world we share together on the other side of are own illusion built inconsciously outside your tought attached to who you are inside someone opinion outside your reach where all the answer can be found separatly in each and every one who saw the way you weight the value of your act with in the analyze done beford sharing a tought to reflect the only world we share on the other side of are illusion at the end of are look where the light transform the world we see outside with a necessity from inside the light you saw in some else eye who was looking into your world.
We have sometink to say towards the fact that all the mad man maniac are pact in the same town imagine the impact on the younger class trying to be like we project inside the society aspect, teaching how to aim a target to win the bet we want to get, its the value on site in front of are view, we all money collector before being a real prospector spending hour to teach the main vein of the young brain that the game will never take the blame if you get caught in flame because all excuses is the same outside the world to amaze al soul's lost in the mind maze built for every generation faze creating
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Added on November 17, 2015
Last Updated on November 17, 2015
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