My Grudge For You

My Grudge For You

A Poem by Vani Jane

This is my everlasting promise, this is my eternal vow, this is my black grudge for you

I'm not the type of person to hold grudges
I'm not the type of person who'd get mad easily
Nor am I a person who's actions are controlled by hate

Whenever I see your face
Whenever someone mentions your name
Whenever I hear your voice
Or even when I think of you

I'm filled red with rage
Rage so strong,
Rage so black,
Rage so pure

The strong urge to hurt you
To hear you yell in pain
To make you see how it hurts
To be treated like crap

I won't forgive you
No matter how bruised your knees are
No matter if you'd lose your voice
Kneeling, apologizing, begging,
It won't work

My heart, my being, my soul
It's filled with dark hate
There's no more space
To forgive you

This is my everlasting promise
This is my eternal vow
This is my black grudge for you

© 2010 Vani Jane

Author's Note

Vani Jane
I came up with this after I cried a couple of hours for my sister. This is not for her but for her half-brother, my step-brother who's a brat.

Anyway, all type of reviews are welcomed. Especially if it has something to do with my grammar. Thanks for reading!

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It went all flowy until you added "Crap"
Crap is an adjective, but a very weak one. Maybe you should try using a bit more adjectives that have a stronger feeling, and meaning to it.
Also, hate got very overwhelming. Hate hate hate hate. We heard that often, and we kinda got the point. Adjectives...
Some of this poem was all too blunt, and left me just sitting saying "Yup" Not thinking... Just saying. Oh. This is something called hate...Shes experianceing it... Cool, cool. Not "Oh gosh. What is she saying in this piece of writing" Usually blunt poems are very... uninteresting.
Also, maybe you can describle things in a bit more detail...:/ Just a suggestion.
Otherwise this was an interesting piece to read. I can tell that this step-brother is a pain in the a*s...Haha

Posted 13 Years Ago

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Added on March 24, 2010
Last Updated on March 24, 2010
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