A Story by Venompen

A hero steeped in darkness, in every sense of the world. Its pretty much just the exposition though.


A nameless hero.  An unknown vigilante.  A man who, long ago, forgot his name.  Just as he had forgotten happiness, joy, fear.  As he didn't have one, the people of the city helpfully bestowed one upon him.  NIghtshade, they called him.  He walked through the city,dyed black with the moonless night, unseen in his black, hooded robe.  It was built like an oversized hoodie, but was far more durable and deflected the wind and the rain.  The black polished iron zipper glinted feeble light of the stars as he strode.  The raised collar and hood hid his face.  His heavy, black leather, steel capped boots gave each step a resounding volume that buried the subtle clinks and clicks generated by his hidden armor.  His dark steel blade hung at his side, heavy and bloodthirsty.  He never liked to use his blade, as he preferred his bare hands and iron knuckles.  Not even he could tell you the color of his eyes, his skin, his or his hair.  They had ben hidden far too long for anyone to recall.  He was built tall, thin, and strong, like a bamboo shoot.  He stopped, his sharp ears picking up the sound of distance sirens. He knelt and undid the clasps at the bottom of his jacket, revealing the black pants and gleaming silver shin guards.  He exploded into an unbelievable run toward the sirens, eager to fill relieve the horrible emptiness within.

© 2009 Venompen

Author's Note

Keep in mind, this is a first draft.

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Good work

Posted 12 Years Ago

nice job. i like the description on Nightshade.

Posted 12 Years Ago

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Added on March 30, 2009



Los Alamos, NM

I do not review your work unless you review mine. I hold this policy because, thanks to all the quick and easy poetry on this site, noone spares a second for a story author such as myself. If you've.. more..

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