Law School personal statement

Law School personal statement

A Story by Vincent

law school personal statement


Seven months before I took leave from deployment and proposed to Olivia, my life changed dramatically. Although I became a Christian at an early age, my parent’s divorce had a profound effect on my eight-year-old intellect and for the next 20 years, I maintained a highly skeptical opinion of God. In 2010, however, I recommitted my life and trust to God and prayed that He show me the woman that I should marry.

One week later, God answered my prayer. A mutual friend introduced me to Olivia and, although she lived in Indiana and I in Hawaii, our friendship grew quickly into a more permanent arrangement. Soon after our relationship began, we agreed that I should accept an opportunity to deploy to the Horn of Africa for 11 months. It was during this deployment that the prospect of law school became a reality for me.

Although I had intended to continue in the field of electronics even after my enlistment was complete, I was becoming aware that there was an undesirable consequence of my specialization. As I grew more experienced in solving electronic problems, the opportunity to contribute to solutions concerning human problems was becoming scarcer.

I clearly identified this problem while I was serving as the radio operator for a small group of Army reservists in Kenya. Our team met with community leaders and politicians to discuss ways in which the U.S. could assist Kenya while still encouraging the community to retain ownership of the projects. The team considered me a valuable asset, but my primary function was to provide communications. I was therefore not surprised when they politely excused me from deliberations.

Thus, my deployment to Africa had shown me that I prefer solving human problems. However, it had also shown me a side of the Military that I had never seen, and that I liked. This assignment was the first time I was able to work alongside officers, both junior and senior. I saw the meager resources that they were given and the inventive ways that they used teamwork and ingenuity to produce stellar results time after time. I learned from their example as they lead powerfully through their integrity, humility, and brilliance.

I was also able to speak with a junior officer in the Navy Judge Advocate General’s Corps. I found that their function is similar to that of an electronic technician. They are the experts that solve the problems that allow things to continue to run smoothly. The scope of their ability touches the lives of many sailors. They are able to dispense valuable guidance to many people in many circumstances with the only expense being their time. I cannot imagine nobler profession.

After much prayer and consideration, I decided to ask Olivia to marry me and continue my career in the Navy as a lawyer. I am very blessed to have had almost three wonderful years of marriage. I hope that you will give my wife and me the chance to make ___________ a part of our journey.


© 2013 Vincent

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