Just Breathe

Just Breathe

A Poem by Vin




The burning touch of each cold trail,

as the shaking starts to take me down.

Ten seconds to win or just to fail,

this screaming repeats but has no sound.

It seems foolish to even try,

but here I am, trying to hold it in.

Still in the end, I'll break and cry,

a sick game I can't escape nor win.


God I hope that you're happy now,

I can't take it but I just can't quit.

No point in figuring who or how,

rolled the dice, fate decided, and I was picked.

So paint the target over here,

would be wrong if I ever smiled again.

This is real life all crystal clear,

count your blessings if any and say Amen.


Break the mirror, stain the sink,

scream it out, even if only to yourself.

Life changes quicker than you can think,

even the strongest out there will sometimes need help.

In thirty seconds you'll need air,

be brave girl and take the next breath.

Life's at its best when you're still here,

even when you think you have nothing left.


Face your demons and say goodbye,

some memories have only the power to kill.

There are some dreams that you should try,

and some tormenters that never have their fill.

If you can stand you can smile,

after all, that means you can run away.

Leave the world behind every once in a while,

a breath's all you need to face the day.


Collecting shadows in the dark,

painting faces, remembering mistakes.

Another tear rips through your heart,

the conflicting emotions of love and hate.

That they don't care stares back at you,

and another wound begins to bleed.

"You live to die" these words are true,

but only at the last death are you finally freed.


Patching cracks inside my head,

a little insanity to hold back the tide.

All that I loved, I've come to dread,

as always, this hope is hard to find.

I only wish to deeply sleep,

maybe in the morning I'll be fine again.

This bloody life's still on repeat,

God wrote the rulebook, only he can win.

© 2012 Vin

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I really liked the last stanza. Your word choice was also excellent. Really good job. (:

Posted 12 Years Ago

So many lines I like in this piece Beth:) Life, whoever said that was easy ey? lol Excellent and thought provoking:) xx

Posted 12 Years Ago

I really enjoy reading this i readed it 3 times!!!! no lie and it wants me to read more of your work.... :D

Posted 12 Years Ago

Poem is outstanding. I agree with you on may points in this poem.I like the emotion and feel of your words. The ending is correct. Maybe we are like mice running in a circle and don't know it. A excellent poem.

Posted 12 Years Ago

This is such a deep poem from you Beth. I hear the tormoil load and clear. (This screaming repeats but has no sound) (There are some dreams that you should try, and some tormentors that never have their fill) All part of a dark portrait you've painted so well with your words.

You've made it feel as though you're just hanging on until the next round. Hope it's not biographical. Good job.

Posted 12 Years Ago

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