For "Scarlet"

For "Scarlet"

A Poem by Savior knowmore

I am young, and I am blind
All I saw was what we used to be, not what we were
How can I raise my head, when every night you lays yours down alone
I was foolish, to believe that I was truly helping
I never lied to you, that you can rest assured
But that doesn't mean I knew everything about you
Every day, I sought help from my friends
Advice on how to make you and me work
But it just doesn't work that way
When did we grow apart
Or were we dead from the start
I cannot tell
But, if it helps, I am not gone
I promised forever
And I will never leave
I will find you, one day
If it comes to it,
I will go door to door with your picture
And search the West for you.
I wish it was true, that I hid things from you
I wish I could say you are right
But, baby, I am not that deep
There is no mystery
I cannot remember so much
I don't remember what toppings you like
Or where your firs kiss was
Or how many times we cried together
But, Sweetie, there is one thing I'll never forget
And that is the feeling of your love
Of your body in my arms
Or what the taste of your lips is
Because those I hold dear
More precious than my life
But you know that
You called me fool for that belief
And I believe you
But a fool I am
And a fool I'll be
For I am old, and I wish I could see
Your smile, one last time

© 2013 Savior knowmore

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Added on February 4, 2013
Last Updated on February 4, 2013


Savior knowmore
Savior knowmore

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