Cat Scratch Anyone?

Cat Scratch Anyone?

A Story by Requiem Bane

Don't ask why...I was angry...



Part One
She was innocent. No one would believe her, but she knew—subconsciously—her family was letting her go through Hell. They knew what was going on and they didn’t want it to end. But she did. Her mind barely grasped the thought of being left again before she fell to the ground once again for resisting being given her medication.
The woman smiled at Kona as she walked into the female ward of the asylum…though no one called it that, it was a Sanatorium. It was a form of Hell. Nurse touched the raven curls of the new committed girl; she didn’t like the girl’s hair in ribbons. She’d deal with it later. She smiled up at the parent, “thank you for bringing her to our family.” She used the word to make the parent feel somewhat safe. Of course the parent knew what sort of treatments the staff would administrate to their daughter. For her own good of course.
“No, no…” Takai-san said absently, he didn’t want to be here. He didn’t want to ever see his daughter again. “Thank you for…taking, Cin.” He smiled thinly at the nickname Koga had given his older sister. He knew it would cut her deeply.
Kona stood there, her hair was held in pigtails by two green ribbons. She bit her thumbnail and waited for her father to tell her it was all a joke that he wasn’t going to keep her in this place. He said nothing else and walked out; he looked back once to jerk his head towards the nurse. He turned and let the woman take her away take her into her cell. Not a room, not even a block…it was a cage. For animals and for unwanted and worthless mites like her. That was the speech Nurse gave Kona as they walked in a freezer-like hall.
She looked to the side; her pale hands were shaking as she stepped into cell 28097204. Her odd eyes: the green and blue and silver and gold mixture gave her small face a comically wide-eyed look. She let her gaze skim over the small, disgustingly white room.
A small white bed, a large white dresser full of white attire and white slippers. There was no mirror in the room that struck Kona as odd so she asked Nurse. “It’s because we have little freak bleeders like you.” She said in an icy tone.
Bleeders? Did Nurse think that a six-year-old girl really felt the need to inflict pain on herself? Kona didn’t understand any of that kind of logic, so she simple nodded and stayed silent. She shivered when Nurse calmly told her she had a meeting with one of the councillors in the morning. She didn’t want to go.
It didn’t matter how much Kona begged, pleaded and cried she was still dragged into the sickeningly white office. To meet Mr. Grier, the councillor of the female ward. He spoke in a fairly understanding voice that made Kona feel somewhat safe now. He lightly touched her cheek, as if too comfort but Kona pulled away. She hated being touched by anyone.
Grier found her a tiresome child who had been speaking as if he was going to care; she even broke down and cried. He hated tears, especially from a six-year-old child. “Miss Takai, I’m going to ask you one more time. Why did you push your brother off the tree house ladder? Were you jealous?” She shook her head. “Was it because he was…prettier?” She shook her head. “Why?”
Kona’s voice was something like a choked sob, “h-he was teasing me and I—”
“So it was because you were jealous!” Grier spat at the small girl. “You lied to me, Miss Takai. That’s a bad thing to do.” He pressed a button and muttered something into a speaker, instantly Kona found herself in the arms of a large man with a scarred and stoic black face. “Dex, show her how we treat liars.”
Dex shrugged and dragged the girl into another room, his face was a scowl as he closed the door and looked at the small girl. He reached into his pocket and took out a key, he opened a closet and pushed her through, his face still impassive as she cried and asked where he was taking her.
He flipped the switch and she gasped. A leather covered Gurnee and a large system that had a dial that counted waves of electricity and amounts of it psi. She looked at him with a very curious look, it would have been better for her to of looked scared then for her to stare at the man with those big eyes.
Grier smiled as he sat in his office, the small girl was going to be a wonderful addition to his collection, he decided. After all…no one expects the Calico Institution of Parapsychology to be behind the sudden burst of sociopathic killers sweeping the nation. And this child was young enough to really contort and manipulate.
“Subject is diagnosed as sociopathic, recommended treatment…” Grier smirked once more. “Shock therapy.”
Part Two
Jordana Calico sat behind the two-way mirror with her associates; Dr. Grier, Dr. Moore, Dex and Nurse. They had all gathered to watch their newest member be initiated into the family.
Kona had become friends with the female ward’s pretty blond twins who had MPD. Of course only two of their personalities were actually friends with Kona. The point was Bush and Moore had decided that Kona was to be extracted as quickly and viciously as possible to maximize scarring.
So they had this little farewell party planned for her, Grier was rather pleased with the set up. They had even got their two best pets to come for the party. And now…they waited.
When Kona’s eyes opened she looked down and a scream tore from her throat. She was looking through a thick panel of glass down at a room that was such a sickening shade of white she had to look away. Her eyes travelled to her small body, it was wrapped in a new straight jacket and a thick metal chain that suspended her from the high roof. She couldn’t hold her head up so she was forced to look down.
The sight on the ground was breath taking…and not at all pleasant. The two blonds from cells 298045 were there, Ana and Amy. They were huddled in the corner, both of them crying and staining the crisp white of their gowns a darker, less pure shade. On the other side were two tall, slim figures of a man and a woman. One with hair like raven feathers and the other was like mahogany.
The man was saying something Kona didn’t understand, but she felt tears well in her eyes as she started to yell; the sound muted by the glass. Both girls were screaming now and it was high pitched enough to reach Kona’s ears; the sound chilled her blood.
The raven-haired man held a shiv in his hand, and he twirled it around while he lunged for Amy. She screamed and kicked at him, hitting him in the chest, his body stumbled but he took her to the ground. She tried to claw at him; her small hands were drawing blood and his dark chuckle made Kona cry out.
She was begging them to stop, not her friends not the only people she felt safe with. But no one would listen. Everyone under her couldn’t hear her and the spectators behind the mirror all gave similar grins at the sound.
The woman had started to methodically pound on Ana, her fist connected with her collarbone. Snapping it. Her elbow slammed down and her cheek shattered. A knee to the ribs and Ana was bleeding to death. The woman was expressionless as she took out a knife and dug it into the girl’s chest, tearing it to the side so she could pull things out of Ana. First a rib, then her left kidney, her face was splattered with blood as she looked up and smiled. Ana’s eyes were dulled with pain and the woman watched the light fade. Her job was done.
The man on the other hand was seeing exactly how many shiv’s he could shove into the small blond before he hit something vital. First they went into her palms, pinning her to the floor, then her knees. He didn’t want to be kicked anymore. One at the base of each hip, another a long her side. Two in her chest and three in her gut. She was crying now, and her voice had left her due to the pain, her blond hair was stained with crimson that wasn’t her own. It was her twin’s.
As Darian and Tanya watched the last girl die they both looked up and gave twin grins at Kona. She was blank, her body too white and her eyes had darkened with pain. They gace mock salutes and walked out of the once white room.
Now all Kona saw was red, dark and hateful. Dead.
Jordana smiled and looked at Grier, her willowy frame rising as she pushed back her dark brown tendrils. “Good, now…put her in the cannibal section. Let’s see how well she gets along with Ida.”
“With pleasure.” Was all the man said as he stood, “Dex…see if our new sister feels like responding to the shocks.” He laughed and walked into his office. He had so many things planned for this child…his own personal pet.
Part Three
Kona was losing it; her mind was slipping into a dark place… Even though it was where she felt the most at home. Her body had started to reject food, warmth and contact. This was the perfect time for Grier and Moore to test their new toys…
Sleep, her body craved it, needed it and rejected it constantly. Her mind had been pleading her to just drop, to welcome the cold embrace of death…eternal sleep.
Her raven colored matted hair hung lifeless across her too pale face. Her odd colored eyes had stopped changing with her mood they had stopped on the bright gold that signified terror. Her four-nine body was at a sickly fifty-three pounds and the darkened circle under her eyes made her appear a stones throw from death. A corpse with a heart beat.
Kona’s entire frame stilled as the door opened and Dex walked in. “Hello, little sister,” his wide black face was expressionless as he caught sight of her small body huddled under the covers. “Now, now…there’s no point in hiding. We just want to play with you, Cin.”
The small girl of thirteen shied from the man’s roughened grasp. “D-don’t…make me…go!” Her voice had lost its once musical tone, was now a whimper. Her small limbs flailed as she tried in vain to get out of the man’s arms. “I-I-I don’t want…I can’t go..!” Her voice echoed through the empty white hallways.
Kona turned her face away as Dex tried to pull her body uncomfortably close to him. “Little sister…” He growled and his hand slipped down her throat. That snapped it!
With a scream Kona’s body tensed and her teeth bared in a feral manner. She used her nails on his face much like a cat to it’s scratching post. Dex shouted and his fist connected with her left side, the dark haired girl flew across the room like a rag doll and into the opposite wall. “You b***h…we’re the reason you aren’t dead yet!” Every word was punctuated with a vicious kick to the small girl’s body.
Dex’s green eyes took on an odd gleam, an insane gleam and totally deranged sparkle that made Kona curl into herself even tighter. Dex’s legs were powerful enough to make her start to bleed internally, his large hand moved like a claw to drag her up and roughly shake the girl.
Kona’s head snapped back and she let her golden refocus on the man in front of her. She was shaking visibly as she slipped out of the over sized white gown. Half naked and sobbing the small form’s back was completely exposed. Dex’s eyes brightened as he leaned forward, the final step to loom down and touch the glass-like child.
Grier, Moore, Jordana Bush slipped into the room to see Dex looming over the new family member. “Dex…please.” Grier sighed and the body on the floor started to convulse in terror. “Good morning, Cin.” He walked to an opposite door and opened it.
Darian and Tanya walked in, both holding a shiv/knife object in their hands. “Hello D, Tabby.” Moore’s young, handsome face smiled and the pair of sociopaths grinned. “Do you like the new toys?”
Darian just nodded and flipped the silver based shiv, he lifted his eyes to Moore and licked his pale lips. “Can’t wait to try test’em…”
“Yeah!” Tanya’s voice was shrill as her brown eyes latched onto the small figure in the corner, she gave a giggle. “Can we?! Oh! Please! I wanna watch the life die in her—”
“Sorry,” Jordana said simply. “Cin is in training to join the masses of…your kind.” She smiled and looked at Tanya.
Dorian Moore was leaning over Kona, speaking softly to her. He pushed her matted black hair aside and whispered things into her ear before making her stand up. “Now, what I have planned for Cin,” he said calmly while she struggled to get away. “Is a little game called Cat Scratch.” He smirked and the whimpering noise the girl made.
Tabby Cat took perked up and instantly sauntered forward. “Ready and willing!” Her excitement was due to the solid score of coke she’d had with E before she came to play.
Kona froze as she was laid on her stomach; leather straps held her down at the waist, wrists, legs and ankles. She was sobbing and begging them not to shock her. They all laughed and she stilled.
“We won’t shock you, lil sis.” D grinned and let the flat of his shiv trail down her spine before pulling away and letting Tabby step up.
Tabby Cat, or Tanya, took her knife and looked down at the small, shaking alabaster canvas and giggled making the first stroke. Her blade dragged from her shoulder to her hipbone and Kona let out a weak cry as D stepped up.
D looked at the crimson liquid that pooled and spilled over, purposely stepping in it as he looked at her other shoulder. He carved 28097204 into it and let Tabby have another go. She made many deep, small insertions into the brutalized flesh, D carved another word; worthless, into her side. Tabby made the last few strokes after a few minutes, the word was simple and wrote: forgotten.

By the time they had finished Kona was listless, her body incapable of movement as she lay there, bleeding out. Tabby was giggling and D licked the length of his shiv before ever member of the family walked out. Waiting to see if the child would—could heal.

© 2009 Requiem Bane

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A Story by Requiem Bane