Thoughts of the Forgotten

Thoughts of the Forgotten

A Story by Vouren

                It has been an eternity since I have seen the light. The watchers trapped me here, between the worlds I ruled. Time doesn’t exists in this place, an eternity of nothing. My hunger grows with each passing moment, my need to devour the lives of the living pulses through my body like blood. 

                My imprisonment was unjust. Cast aside for doing what I was created to do, kill. I am death and none before have accomplished their calling as efficiently as I. All existence trembled at my name, and none stood in my wake.

                Beyond the veil of my existence my brothers still roam free. Their nature being an accepted risk of being human. War, Conquest, and Famine fill the hearts of the weak and strong alike…but here I roam, surrounded by nothingness and, at the same time, everything.

                The veil between the worlds is thinning and it won’t be long until it’s passable once again. Words have been thrown between the minds of humans regarding the amount of time I’ve been trapped. Has it been megaannum or maybe exaannum? Millions or Trillions? Time has no meaning anymore, just the hunger, the lust to destroy. My entire nature was to lay waste life and it was taken from me.

                Sometimes I can feel the souls of the living, almost as if I was free…but that thought is absurd. They have forgotten me almost entirely. I’m only spoken of in whispers, the Forgotten One, a name that has touched every set of lips or every thought.

                Emptiness is fading and I can smell the borders of the two worlds merging...clashing together as they become one again. My brother can feel my presence once more and their wars have begun gaining momentum… a wasted effort, an attempt to prepare for my return.

                Eternity has made me hungry, the emptiness has created a monster, and the unjustness of my imprisonment has left me without remorse. All life will end and none shall stand vastness of true Death, for nothing can escape my grasp.

                Men and Gods alike will fear the return of geidfi pna ufsnnar… was that my name? Time has destroyed my mind more than I thought. Maybe as I slaughter all life it will come back to me. Is that how memory worked? Do I really care? Not really, I just want to do what I was meant to do…swallow the world in Death.

© 2013 Vouren

Author's Note

Just a piece of writing based on the Forgotten one, a creature who was so dangerous that the Watchers trapped it between two universe's to preserve life.

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eek, dude. *shivers* you made a pretty creepy character.

Posted 8 Years Ago

1 of 1 people found this review constructive.


8 Years Ago

haha Thank you ^_^. The character portrayed in this little story is the main antagonist for my book .. read more
Bri 810

8 Years Ago

I know but it's still a creepy character!!!

8 Years Ago

Than I did my job ^_^
The wording and font come across as opposites, Loved it.

Posted 9 Years Ago

i agree, death is inevitable, it cannot be defeated. no one is immortal in this world. death must only be accepted. excellent story.

Posted 9 Years Ago

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First and foremost I love to write, that is why I'm here. Everything I work on falls into a single universe created called The Last Stand. Along with my writing i also dab into drawing (and I mea.. more..

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