Akin to Rain

Akin to Rain

A Poem by Vyse Cross

It's as apparent as the light, though come as the eyes are open.


What are you doing here?

Animating from sheer nothingness

Or is it that you come from all?

& as I further sink back to an ancient way

I see you and you are real

Shapes of the sort which I have no words for

Manifest and shoot down like large misshapen drops of rain

I feel this need to react, and feel it

Yet it’s gone and with no trace

As I jot this down

It’s hard to find the wording for such a thing

To a point where continuation of such descriptions…

They bare no solution, they have no words

As one attempts, the heart and soul fill in gaps

Where you thought you writ

A spider ran across my desk

Just as leaves fell to my brothers food

As lucidly as the physical world of which I view with my pretend eyes

And the next, gone

Crystalline in shape, and by our own definition


Holistically showing

Something resonating, something vibrating

I am, as is all things

Is it my frequency increasing?

That would be one way, of many

As I experience these happenings

 I don’t doubt my sanity

Why would one?

In a world predominantly insane

© 2013 Vyse Cross

Author's Note

Vyse Cross

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Added on October 16, 2013
Last Updated on October 16, 2013
Tags: Dimensions, Life, Things, Crystals, Manifestation, Beings, Rain, Falling, Shooting, Dropping, Rain Drops, Akin to Rain, Shower, Astral, Universe, Seeing Things, Vibration, Soul, Spirit, Third Eye


Vyse Cross
Vyse Cross


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