Clothes Maketh the Man

Clothes Maketh the Man

A Story by Wandering Violet

Shopping for clothes is what most women love, but when you're not free to be yourself, it's a kind of Hell...


Clothes Maketh the Man


 I wanted that jacket.  It was cream with fake metal buttons - big engraved things, double-breasted and four on each sleeve. And the price tag was only $49.99, I could afford it.


But I didn’t even take it off the rack to try on, because I knew I wouldn’t buy it.  Instead I made myself focus on a pile of frilly tops, little floaty things a ballerina might like.  So feminine, so pretty, so totally what I did not want to wear. 


You look lovely, Lisa, Mum said tenderly to me last week. I wish you’d wear that top more often, it brings out the blue of your eyes.


Maybe it did, but I loathed it.  I was happiest in jeans and a shirt for casual, or for more dressed up occasions, something formal and suit-like.  The more masculine the style, the better I liked it. 


Not that I could ever tell Mum though " that was why I resolutely picked up a disgusting piece of silky stuff and carried it to the counter.  I hoped Mum would be pleased.


As I swiped my credit card and keyed in the PIN, I glanced sideways at the customer to my right.  She was a confident young woman, cute short dark hair and a tattoo visible on her neck. 


I dragged my eyes away, because she was buying one of those jackets that I wanted. 

© 2011 Wandering Violet

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I like it. :) I thought it was very comical at the end when Lisa saw another woman buying the same jacket that she had wanted. I could almost feel her envy through your writing. Great job!

Posted 9 Years Ago

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Added on September 7, 2011
Last Updated on September 8, 2011
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Wandering Violet
Wandering Violet

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