Straight Ahead

Straight Ahead

A Story by Waverlyn

Dani is a walking trainwreck.

Dani walked through the woods, balanced precariously on the abandoned train track  that laid dormant and rusting; her friend Alice’s fingers laced with her own as Alice held Dani stable, preventing her from falling off the rails. Alice’s hand being Dani’s only support.
Dani stopped, taking Alice by surprise, jerking her back slightly. The younger girl turned to face Dani, her emerald green eyes seeming glazed and distant, like she was in deep thought. After the extensive silence Dani turned to her, a serious expression on her face, a rarity for the girl.

“Alice, promise me you won’t ever leave me.” Her tone was quiet and somber as she returned her view, looking straight ahead.

Alice blinked, her hand dropping in shock, the sudden lack of a counterbalance causing Dani to swiftly lurch to one side and trip off the rail.

It was ironic really, how just that little action perfectly described their relationship. Alice holding Dani’s hand to save her from herself, from her self destructive nature.

The drinking, the drugs, the smoking, the razors, the never ending rotation of men her mother dated. It seemed Dani was never standing on solid ground; that the foundation beneath her was always crumbling and that this beautiful girl with the long black hair, pale skin, and emerald eyes- who’d had all the color sucked from her life- always seemed to be ready to jump ship.

That thought shook Alice to the core. What would happen if she was to let go? To truly let go? Would Dani jump ship? Would she lose her balance and fall? Alice wouldn’t always be there to hold Dani’s hand, to keep her balanced, and that scared her.

A sharp huff from below her snapped Alice out of her thoughts as Dani grumbled. hauling herself back to her feet.

“Jesus, all you had to say was no.”

In that moment, with that response, strangely enough, Alice felt better. Dani could pick herself up; even without Alice’s help. Maybe... just maybe... Dani would be okay without her. Maybe Dani could balance herself better than Alice thought.

© 2016 Waverlyn

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Added on September 15, 2016
Last Updated on September 15, 2016
Tags: friendship, self-destructive, balance



New Port Richey, FL

My name is Nicki, I like to write stories (mainly of the horror and fantasy genres). This is for me to share and, hopefully, receive feedback on my writing. more..

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