Wasteland Reunion

Wasteland Reunion

A Story by Weird Chef

In the zombie apocalypse one woman roams an area known as the Wastelands hoping to find salvation.


Cheyanne had been wandering the Wastelands for days now. She had lost track of time. But since the coming of Them time wasn’t really relevant anymore. Like most she remembered exactly where she was when it started, the plague that had changed everything for everyone. She’d been out with some of her friends just having a night out on the town. Sure she’d heard the stories about zombies like everyone. And while she might’ve joked around with her online friends about it she thought it was just that, a joke. Her and her girls had a great time. Drinks were flowing and the music was pumping. But as they walked home they heard a groan and just simply assumed it was some drunk staggering home. But then the guy began to follow them, slowly lumbering after them. Cheyanne turned around to say something and noticed the blood on his arm. Her friend went to go see if he was alright. It was a still a normal night, until the man dug his teeth into her friend’s neck. And just like that the world had changed. No one knew what it was or where it started. All they knew was the world had gone to hell. Cheyanne freaked out and ran home, knowing her friend was as good as dead.

            Luckily she remembered what her online friend Quentin had said. Even now when she thought about him she smiled a bit. She gathered supplies, weapons and any survivors and headed to an area they now called ‘The Wastelands’. Before it had been a horrible uninhabited place, it was almost a desert but had too much life and rainfall to be called that. Now it was their sanctuary. She remembered Quentin saying that was the best area as there were fewer people and the heat helped them decompose faster. That was, what she guessed, years ago. The entire group that had fled into the Wastelands had died, except her. If the zombies or nomads didn’t get them disease or the environment did. She’d given up hope on help a while ago and now just roamed. She wore a light shirt and jeans with her long hair tied back and tucked into her shirt. A pack of supplies rested on her back and her 9mm with one extra clip was on her hip.

            She’d inadvertently wandered into a canyon that deadended and sighed. “You think I’d know this place by now.” She grumbled to herself before she heard the groaning and sighed. She knew instantly what that sound was. And with the way she was sweating it no doubt had lured them from wherever they’d been. She didn’t know how but their sense of smell was incredible. She grabbed her gun and raised it as she saw the horde approaching. All her time out here had taught her not to freak out and fire. She took a deep breath and squeezed off a couple shots. One dropped with a hole in the head while the other was hit in the chest and knocked back slightly. “S**t…” She grumbled before firing again, dropping a couple. But soon she had to switch to her last clip. With a quick kiss she placed it in and resumed firing. There were still 8 left and no matter how long she’d been out here she began to panic as they grew closer. She kept firing but soon heard the hated ‘click’ of an empty chamber. She dropped the gun and grabbed a pipe she kept on her pack. There was still 4 left showing how bad her aim had been. “Come on you ugly freaks!”

            She yelled her war cry and was about to charge them when she heard gun fire. And suddenly the zombies in front of her began to drop. “Quentin?” She asked with a smile looking around. Quentin had said that when this happened that he’d come to her. But she’d been giving up hope little by little. But the shots out of nowhere had restored some of that hope. Until she saw who had fired the shots that is. Men stepped into the canyon with cloth wrapped around their faces. The nomad bandits, she knew that instantly. She had heard they went by Skull and Bones but didn’t care. She gripped her pipe tighter, prepared to take some out before they eventually killed her. But their guns were lowered. However she still didn’t trust them though, that would be a mistake. “Thanks for your help guys. But uh, I’ll just be on my way thanks.” She tried to walk past them but felt a barrel press against her back. She sighed and closed her eyes, waiting for the squeeze of the trigger that would end it all. “You’re coming with us Cheyanne.” The man with the gun said as she turned around. If she was going to die she wanted to look into the eyes of her killer. “And if I refuse?” She asked with a raise of the eyebrow.

            Her question was answered when the man pulled the hammer on his gun back. “Then kill me.” She said with a sigh as she stared angrily at the man with the gun. This man alone was probably responsible for the deaths of some of her friends not to mention other survivors that were in the wrong place at the wrong time. Then the man’s knee exploded outward and he fell onto his stomach. Before he could even scream another bullet smashed through his skull killing him. All of them, Cheyanne included began to look around confused. Then with a whistle the other men dropped with bullet holes in their heads. Cheyanne began to look around frantically waiting for another bullet to hit her and end her life just like the men before her had planned on. Suddenly forms began to rise up on the edges of the canyon. Men dressed in khaki that blended in with the rocks, some even with plants attached to them. How long had they been there? She dropped the pipe and sighed, raising her hands over her head. “Make it quick….” She mumbled before closing her eyes.

            “I thought I told you to aim for the head and concentrate.” Came a voice from somewhere near her. She opened the voice and tried to fight the smile that was forcing its way to her lips. She’d know that voice anywhere, even after all these years. “Quentin?” She asked, still trying to keep her hope down in case she was mistaken. Then beside her a figure rose out of the sand, dropping a khaki colored blanket with plants stuck on it to the ground. And there stood Quentin smiling that little smile that always made her melt inside. Without even thinking she threw her arms around his neck and hugged him. He smiled and hugged her back. “You came. You actually came!” She said smiling, almost not willing to let go of him believing he’d disappear like the mirages she was still seeing occasionally.

            “I said I’d come. Have you ever known me to lie to you?” Quentin asked with a smile. “Come on Chey, let’s go head to our camp.” He said with a smile before grabbing the blanket and throwing it over his shoulder. Cheyanne looked up and noticed that the people at the top of the canyon were now gone. They were good, real good. She ran over to grab the gun she dropped in the dirt. When she looked up she saw Quentin going through the bandits’ packs and taking their weapons. “Wait, how long were you down there?” Cheyanne asked as she began to help Quentin. He looked up with a smile, brushing some of the sandy blond hair out of his eyes. “I got there just after these guys arrived. We were in position before you even fired a single shot. You looked cute all ready to fight with a pipe.” He replied laughing before he began walking out of the canyon. He stopped and held his hand out to her. She smiled and took it, feeling better then she had in years. 

She often thought of Quentin as her online boyfriend. It hadn’t been likely they’d meet so she never got her hopes up. But they still talked every night on webcam, talked about how they loved each other, did the little kissy emoticons and even the occasional show on webcam. Sure they’d talked about this whole zombie thing off and on but it was all in fun. He’d said if it happened he’d come find her. She held out hope at first, but as time dragged on hope had been slipping away. But now he was here, her knight in shining armor and she couldn’t keep the smile off her face if she tried.

“Why’d it take you so long? I was beginning to think that something…” She let the thought trail off not wanting to say what she’d been thinking. Before she could even think anything else he pulled her in and kissed her. Her lips were chapped, she hadn’t bathed in awhile and she felt nasty but she didn’t care. He was here to save her and he was kissing her. Life couldn’t get much better. Just take out the whole zombie apocalypse thing and it’d be perfect. He broke the kiss and she stared at him panting. “I’ve wanted to do that for years now. Although why were you out alone?” He said with a wink and that smile before they continued walking. She leaned against him before reaching into his belt and grabbing a clip for her 9mm. She slapped it in and smiled before taking his hand again. “I’m alone, my entire group is dead. I’ve been alone for days now.” She said with a sigh. She was sad at what had happened but the smile wouldn’t let you know.

As they reached the mouth of the canyon the men from earlier were all standing there. “So this is the one we ventured into the Wastelands for?” A large man said as he looked her up and down. Quentin smiled and gently squeezed her hand before the other guys came and began helping him with what he’d taken from the bandits.

            “Hey, you could’ve stayed. Plus she’s survived for months by herself. If that’s not impressive I don’t know what is.” Quentin responded. The man nodded his head before walking off with the rest of them. “You’ll get used to Zeke, he’s a good guy though. We’ve been scouring the Wastelands for awhile looking for you. Killed I don’t know how many zombies and damn bandits since we got here. But we got a good camp set up.” He said as they walked, talking, leaning against each other.


            When they finally reached his camp she was shocked. They’d secured one of the small ponds in the area, the trees surrounding it had guards in them camouflaged. There were tents scattered all around and maybe 20 people moving around taking care of everything. “You brought everyone here?” She asked. Quentin and the other men stopped and laughed. “Chey, this is maybe a third of our group. The rest are back at the main base on a beach about 30 miles from here. We brought some people to look for you and other survivors. We found a few others. Hell there’s not even any kids here.” Quentin said with a smile. “But how…how’d you manage to get them to come here?” She asked as the rest resumed walking back to the base leaving Quentin and Chey alone. “Chey, sweetie, I’m the leader. Plus like I said we were looking for all survivors.” She looked down and nodded her head a bit. “Oh…” Quentin took hold of her chin and tilted her head up to see him. “But I was looking for you.” He said with a smile before he gave her a quick kiss and they resumed going back to camp.

            As they got there a group of women stepped forward. “So this is the infamous Cheyanne? God he wouldn’t shut up about you. Come on sweetie, let’s get you cleaned up.” The shortest woman said. She couldn’t be more than 5’5” and had pitch black hair. Cheyanne looked closer, the women even had some makeup on. “This Chloe. She’s kind of in charge of the women. She’ll get you cleaned up and into some new clothes.” Quentin said before giving Cheyanne a quick kiss. Cheyanne didn’t need to be told twice. To clean up, feel like a woman again? She was all for it. She left Quentin and went ahead with Chloe and the other women. “So he really kept talking about me?” She asked with a shy smile. Chloe laughed and patted her on the arm. “Like I said her wouldn’t shut up. That’s why some of us came in hopes we’d find you and we wouldn’t have to keep hearing about you. No offense.” Cheyanne shook her head as they walked. “The rest of us are just looking for any other survivors and more supplies.” “But what about the zombies and bandits?” Cheyanne asked.

            The women laughed and Chloe opened her button up shirt showing two under arm holsters. The others showed all kinds of weapons. Machetes, shot guns, all weapons that made these women look oddly dangerous. “Sweetie this is the apocalypse. We may look good but we’re just as dangerous as any of the guys. If not more dangerous.” Chloe said with a smirk and Cheyanne laughed a bit. “Hell I’m sure you met my husband Zeke, big black guy. Well he won’t admit it but I’m a better shot then him.” She said with a wink. “Now come on. There’ll be time to talk while we clean you up.” Chloe led her to a small bathing area while the others dispersed to get other things like clothes, make up, even a razor. “A razor?” Cheyanne asked with a raised eyebrow. “Sweetie this may be the apocalypse but that’s no excuse to be as hairy as the guys. Plus when all hell breaks loose and things get bleak it’s important to still feel like a real woman.” Chloe said as Cheyanne disrobed and began to bathe with Chloe waiting outside. “So you said Zeke’s your husband?” Cheyanne asked. “Yeah after awhile everyone began to pair up. Just kind of natural I suppose.” “So is Quentin um….” Chloe began laughing a bit and Cheyanne raised an eyebrow. “Sweetie, like I said he wouldn’t shut up about you. You were all he talked about. He’s free and every woman here knows he’s yours. And if someone tries to encroach on your man you let the 5 of us know and we’ll set her down and have a chat. But most of the other women aren’t as good looking as us. So you’ve got nothing to worry about.”

            Cheyanne had bathed and taken care of everything. She had put on new clothes and was working on a little eyeliner when she heard a group of dogs barking. “GET THE GUNS!” She heard someone yell from outside. Cheyanne grabbed her 9mm, that one of the women had even cleaned for her and ran out. She expected to see people running around panicking like her old group. But instead what she saw was everyone, except the injured and sick holding a gun and surrounding the camp. In the center the injured lay, still armed and the dogs she’d heard earlier surrounding them like some kind of guards. She looked around and saw Quentin dead ahead with a rifle aimed at a group of zombies encroaching. She ran to him and squeezed in between him and Chloe and beside Chloe was Zeke. “Looking good honey.” Chloe said with a smile. Quentin smiled and kissed her cheek before turning his attention back to the encroaching zombies but no one fired. Chloe looked deadly holding her two pistols in front of her. “WAIT!” Quentin yelled. The zombies grew closer and closer and Cheyanne began to get nervous. She was about to say something when she then heard the next order.

            “FIRE!” And all at one this side of the circle opened fire and the zombies began to fall one by one. “HOLD!” Quentin yelled and the firing stopped. They looked around and saw no one moving. “Send in the clean up crew. Everyone back to what you were doing.” Cheyanne then watched in amazement as the circle broke off and everyone went around like nothing had happened. “That was awesome. You guys are much better than my group. They always freaked out when something like that happened. And the dogs, that’s brilliant.” Cheyanne said with a wide smile. Quentin laughed a bit before shrugging. “A lot of training and practice. Plus they have a great leader.” He said with a wink. She rolled her eyes and playfully shoved him. “Who was your leader?” Quentin asked with a smile, ah that smile. She could stare at it for hours. But knowing that those lips that made that smile were all hers made it even better.

            She shook her head, remembering he’d asked her a question. Even after all this time she was still like some school girl around him. “Umm….well we didn’t have a real leader.” She said with a shrug. “Well that’s your problem right there. A group needs a leader to keep people in line and what not.” He replied with a smile. “You should’ve just made yourself leader. I’m sure people would’ve listened to you.” Quentin always had a way of saying everything Cheyanne wanted to hear. It had been that way since they first met, even though he seemed exceptionally shy around her, for some reason. “Well I tried but you know how men are.” She said giving him a playful nudge. He laughed a bit and shook his head. He reached into one of his pockets and produced a hand rolled cigarette. Most cigarettes were impossible to find but some groups had been growing tobacco among other crops and selling or trading it. And if there’s one thing any survivor knows, it’s that after you kill some creatures that should already be dead, you need a cigarette. He lit it and took a deep drag, sighing a bit.

            “Can I get one?” Cheyanne asked with a sheepish smile. Quentin nodded his head and handed her one. She lit it and sighed, letting the smoke fill her lungs. She hadn’t had one in a long time and that made it taste even better. “So when do I get to see your fancy base?” She asked before taking a drag. “We leave tomorrow. After that it a couple days journey and we’ll be safe, well safer. Our base has high concrete walls around it complete with watch towers. It’s an old prison we made even stronger.” The way he said it made Cheyanne imagine a paradise. She’d been living in tents and caves ever since it all started. And now knowing she could have a place that was safe and maybe even a bed, she couldn’t wait. If she knew where it was she’d have started running there immediately. Quentin sat down on a log by the pond and pulled Cheyanne down onto his lap before setting the rifle beside him. She laughed before wrapping one arm around his neck.

            “I still can’t believe you came and found me.” She said with a smile. He nodded his head before taking another drag. “Although I am wondering something, how did those bandits know your name?” He asked with a raised eyebrow. It was clear by the look in his eyes he’d been wondering for awhile. She sighed, knowing it was coming. “Some of my group members were captured by them. They must’ve told them everything, including names, before they were killed.” She said with a shrug. “Yeah, we had to move once because of that same thing.” He said with a sigh. It was a proven fact bandits made a survivor’s life hell. “Well come on, Chey, dinner’s almost ready.” He said with a smile and a kiss before getting up, her still in his arms and then setting her down. He grabbed his rifle and made his way towards the camp fire where others were beginning to gather.


            Cheyanne awoke to the sunrise lighting up the side of the tent. She looked over at a sleeping Quentin and smiled before lightly kissing his forehead. She gathered up her clothes that had been strewn around and began to quickly get dressed. Yes, dating the leader would indeed have its benefits. For one the tent was fricken huge. Not to mention the best clothes and they got to cut to the front of the food line. After fishing into his pants she found another cigarette. She stepped out into the morning sun and lit her cigarette. She waved as she noticed other people waking up and beginning to break down camp. She had to admit he was good, even while he slept everything was like a well oiled machine. Yup, for once her life was going great…until the dogs began to bark. People began to quickly get their weapons and let the dogs out of their cages. But soon people began to drop one by one, someone was shooting. This wasn’t a zombie attack like earlier, those bandits had found them.

            She turned to go back into the tent to grab her gun. Why hadn’t she taken it with her? She mentally scolded herself before feeling large arms wrap around her. She screamed as this well oiled machine had been thrown into chaos thanks to attacks from all sides. She screamed for Quentin only to see him step out holding his rifle. But suddenly a bullet tore through his shoulder and he dropped to the ground. That was the last thing she saw before the hood was thrown over her head was someone standing over Quentin with his gun aimed at Quentin’s head. Then she heard the gun shot and her knees went weak. She was then dragged before some muffled voices came to a conclusion and she was thrown over a shoulder.

            The journey was long and hot. She felt herself land on a hard wood floor and the hood was ripped off. There sitting before her was the leader of the bandits. “God damn it Derek!” She yelled before jumping at him, only to have guards restrain her. “You killed him! You killed all of them!” She yelled again. She knew the face before her. It was the face of an old friend who’d she’d dated before Quentin. She had even brought him along when all hell broke loose. While she was content to be a mere survivor he turned to being a bandit, even taking some members of her group when he formed this group. And now he’d just attacked her only chance at a relatively normal life with Quentin.


            She wasn’t sure how long had passed, probably hours, but she’d been tied to a chair the whole time. Derek seemed to believe that the rest of Quentin’s group would come for her. “You’re an idiot they’re all dead. Besides you got me, isn’t that what you wanted?” Derek simply smirked and shook his head. Just then the door opened and two bandits came dragging Zeke in. “Sir we found this one outside.” Zeke groaned and looked around before his head fell back down. “He said he was the only one left, everyone else was dead or dying.” One of the guards said. “Kill him; he’s of no use to us now.” Derek said with a movement of his hand. “Kill him? I intend to.” Said one guard. Then the two guards let go of Zeke who landed in a crouch and drew a pistol, aiming it at Derek. The two guards then raised their weapons to him as well before removing the cloth around their faces. Cheyanne couldn’t help but smile a bit as she noticed one of them was Quentin. He’d survived, that was incredible. She had no idea how. And they all seemed fine. Perhaps they’d managed to beat back the bandits instead.

            “Ok, enough of this charade it bores me. Cheyanne come here.” Derek said with a motion of his hand. Cheyanne sighed and stood up, drawing her pistol and walking over to stand by Derek. “Sorry Quentin but I figured you were dead so I went with Derek.” She could see Quentin grip his rifle so tightly she was surprised it didn’t snap in half. “Yes, Quentin. You were just out…” But Derek never got to finish as a bullet was put in his head. “Chey, drop the gun. Zeke, take all the weapons and supplies and then burn this little camp down.” Quentin said, his eyes never leaving Cheyanne. Zeke nodded his head and placed his hand on Quentin’s shoulder. When they walked away she laid her gun on the ground and kicked it over to him. “I had to survive. I always appeared to roam alone every day on the chance you found me so we could get your stuff and people. But he would’ve offered you a spot.” She said as tears began to sting the backs of her eyes. “I loved you, but this was all just a game wasn’t it? It was all a game. You were with Derek from day one weren’t you?” Quentin asked, clearly fighting the urge not to shoot her. He grabbed her gun and tucked it into his pants. “Because I love you I’m going to leave you alive. You’re on your own for supplies. And if we ever see you near our base you’ll be captured and treated the way you should be treated.” And with that he walked out. She could smell the smoke now and hear flames beginning to eat up the wooden buildings. She collapsed to her knees and let the tears finally come. She’d been planning on telling Derek the plan was off and leaving with Quentin but everything had happened so fast. Now she was truly alone and with no hope of survival.


            Cheyanne was now wandering the wastelands alone with no real weapons. She’d found an old crow bar and also found where Quentin left a small stash of water and food. She needed to find shelter. But as she walked she soon found herself in the same canyon where Quentin had found her last time. “Well, well, well….” Came a familiar voice from around the corner. Cheyanne grabbed her crowbar and held it tightly. Walking around the corner was Chloe and the four women who followed her. “Ya see our group is like a big family and think of me as the big sister. Quentin’s like my little brother. You break his heart, I break you.” She said her sweet eyes taking a seriously evil look as the women produced crowbars, knives and everything to cause pain. She screamed as they encircled her and continued to scream until the first shot of Chloe’s crowbar hit her in the back.

© 2011 Weird Chef

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Weird Chef
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Weird Chef
Weird Chef

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I'm a chef, as you may have noticed. I was originally going to go to school for writing but there was a Snafu and now I'm a chef. Funny how life works. I usually work in the sci-fi, horror and fantasy.. more..

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