Granddad Jonathan

Granddad Jonathan

A Stage Play by Whisty_x

A script I began to explore at university and never got round to developing or finishing.


An ordinary home - it’s set up for a child’s superhero birthday party.

JONATHAN - A man no older than 60, is sat in an armchair fast asleep.

CARLA enters. She wipes some dribble about to spill onto JONATHAN’S shirt, from his mouth with the corner of a tea towel. She straightens the flowers in the vase before walking up to the photo of her family on the mantelpiece. She turns, places the tea towel on JONATHAN’S shoulder to prevent future saliva stains.

A car can be heard pulling up outside. CARLA rushes over to the window and waves frantically. She moves to the front door (off).

CARLA: (off) Where’s my little birthday girl then! APRIL: (off) (Exhausted) Hi mum.

CARLA: Hello love, dad’s still asleep. Good journey? APRIL: Same as last week.

A small girl, no older than eight years old rushes in like a tornado and jumps on top of JONATHAN giving him the biggest hug imaginable to her.

TILLY: Granddad!

JONATHAN wakes up, startled.

APRIL: (To CARLA) It’s just the roadworks on the M6. They always add half an hour onto the journey.

JONATHAN: Hello squirt! I heard from professor X that it’s someone’s birthday today. TILLY: It’s mine Granddad!

JONATHAN: No, that can’t be right. It was your birthday last year.

TILLY laughs uncontrollably, nearly falling off her Granddad’s lap.

APRIL: (To CARLA) How is he doing?

CARLA: He’s doing okay. He has another check-up on Monday so we should know more by then. Want a cuppa love? I just put the kettle on before you arrived.

APRIL: Oh, would love one tah. (To TILLY) Oi, Monkey. Be careful with Granddad. You have to look after him.

JONATHAN: Oh, you worry too much. This rascal can’t do me any damage (puts on a supervillain voice) for I am magnetic man! Fear me!

He tickles TILLY who releases a great laugh.

TILLY: It’s magneto Granddad! Not Magnetic man.

JONATHAN: That’s what I said!

APRIL: Til’, go and show Granddad what you got from Daddy this morning. 

TILLY: Granddad. Wait right here. Don’t move a muscle.

JONATHAN’s body becomes rigid.

JONATHAN: (Through the side of his mouth) I. Won’t. I. Promise. 

TILLY rushes​ out the room.

JONATHAN: (Through side of mouth) Do I not get a kiss from my girl?

APRIL: Hello dad. Mum said you have a checkup on Monday.

JONATHAN: (Through side of mouth) Enough. About. That. Enjoy. Your. Day. With. The. Little. Monkey. I’ll. Be. Here. Tomorrow. To. Worry. About.

CARLA brings the tea in on a tray and puts the tray on the coffee table.

TILLY rushes in wearing a wolverine costume. She circles round and round the coffee table.

TILLY: Look at me! I’m Wolverine Granddad!

CARLA hands JONATHAN a cup of tea and exits.

As TILLY rushes by, JONATHAN’s hand spasms and he spills his tea all over his front. He jumps up in agony.

TILLY rushes into APRIL’s arms.


TILLY: (Sobbing) I’m so sorry Granddad! I didn’t mean to.

JONATHAN: It wasn’t your fault at all chicken. Granddad is just a little unwell at the moment sweet, that's all. 

APRIL: Go to Grandma, Til'. Quickly now, while I help Granddad. 

TILLLY rushes off.

APRIL supports JONATHAN, helping him to the bathroom. 

© 2020 Whisty_x

Author's Note

Jonathan​: 60 - A kind, loving man who begins to show signs of an illness like MS
Carla​: 59 - Jonathan’s wife of 25 years. She is witty but loving.
April​: The youngest daughter of Jonathan and Carla.
Tilly​: April’s only daughter.

Setting​: At Jonathan and Carla’s house.
Time​: Noon

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This play does have a lot of potential. If you plan on continuing it/expanding it, I suggest describing the house more and adding more dialogue, especially for Carla. In the Author's Note, you described her as "witty but loving." I can easily tell that she is loving, but I can't see the wittiness easily.

I liked it when Jonathan told Tilly that it couldn't be her birthday this year since it happened last year. It's such a common line, but it brings back lots of good memories for me.


Posted 4 Months Ago

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