Hidden Desire

Hidden Desire

A Poem by there is no more from me on this account :( sorry

just a poem i wrote while i was watching a movie



Hidden Desire

Destiny loves a boy

The same boy loves her back

But there swarm enemies

So they date behind their friends back

Then destiny tells her friend

But as if it was a story she read

Then the friend said that first

Part about swarm enemies sounds like

You and Hayden

destiny was shocked and

Did a little weird laugh and

She was told her best (guy) friend likes her

Then the destiny meets the boy in the alley reviled to be Hayden

She tells him what happened, and the Hayden looks jealous

Hayden leaves and so does the girl.

The next day destiny and her best (guy) friends

Whose name is Chad go for a walk and kiss

Without destiny and Chad knowing

Hayden was watching from a distance

Destiny pulls back and Hayden storms in



Chad doesn’t understand and laughs

Ha ha ha you tow hate each other

And the smile on his face turns into a

Frown he sees the look on Destiny’s

Face witch tell everything Chad was speechless

He didn’t know what to say and ran out of the alley.

Destiny fears she is going to lose all her friends

Destiny isn’t the only one who was in a war

With Hayden’s group every one of destiny’s friends

Hated Hayden and his group and vice versa.

She walked back to their club house know

One seemed angry probably because Chad

Didn’t return there yet she left to find him to

Explain but she ran into Hayden instead

She ran into him in the alley the same alley

Were Chad found out she didn’t want to talk

To him she didn’t want to see him

She was alone from now on her

Thought she was going to lose her

Friends she didn’t know what was

Going to happen she didn’t know

What might happen to her.

She ran off back the way she came

And sat by the club house to wait for

Chad but she sat there for hours and

He didn’t even come.

She walked inside cause she didn’t see

Anyone leave there was no one inside

So they must have left while she went looking

For Chad.

Her heart was breaking she was felling different

Feelings towards Chad.

© 2010 there is no more from me on this account :( sorry

Author's Note

there is no more from me on this account :( sorry
my old old old account

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wow another grate poem
this one is one of my favz
& You no what they say:
well done

Posted 14 Years Ago

i like it a broken heart to be filled with new love that seems to be away from her her head must of been turning. It surely caused much drama between chad and hayden great job on telling this story

Posted 14 Years Ago

I like its :)
Its pretty long, but sometimes length doesnt always matter.
I like the message that comes across with it aswell, it happens more than people think xD
There a few spelling mistakes, that are easily corrected, so on the whole its a really good poem :)

Posted 14 Years Ago

This is a long poem. I think you have a lot to say and thats where every poet/ writer/ artist starts. There are however, several misspelled words. Im bad at spelling myself, but the trick is not to form bad habits. Every time you dont know the spelling of a word look it up in a dictionary. I would also say, if your really interested in becoming a writer, the best thing to do is read read read. Then try to imitate the styles of what you read. Acquaint yourself with the best writers from every century. From Chaucer, to TS Elliot. wikipedia's got a great list of poets and writers in chronological order.

Posted 14 Years Ago

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Added on February 3, 2010
Last Updated on February 3, 2010


there is no more from me on this account :( sorry
there is no more from me on this account :( sorry

Victoria, Melbourne, Australia

Okay so i am really sorry but i am going to create a new account i will leave my poems on here but my new things will be posted on my new account bye (from this account) more..


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