Kiss me you fool ~ A Collaboration with Ana Sophia for Valentine’s Day

Kiss me you fool ~ A Collaboration with Ana Sophia for Valentine’s Day

A Poem by willweb

Do they or don't they?


Kiss me you fool



I bought a box of chocolates,

a dozen roses too

Made the perfect heart shaped card

I hope to give to you


I put on my favourite perfume

Just a touch behind each ear

My heart is fluttering nervously

Sensing you are near


I hurry off to meet her

To give her my surprise

Can’t wait to see her pretty smile

The twinkle in her eyes


Ready at last, dressed in black

Except for stiletto heels, red

I sit and wait for the doorbell to ring

Thoughts of you drift in my head


I trip as I am running…late

Fall face first to the ground

The roses crushed beneath me,

Chocolates scattered all around


I wonder what is keeping him, and

What's that thump outside my door

When I go to check and open it

You come spilling to the floor


Once more I feel like such a fool

I just can’t seem to get it right

At least I didn’t lose the card

But I won’t get that kiss tonight


I can't help but start to giggle

At him sprawled out on the floor

Clumsy as this sweet guy is

He's the one that I adore


Darn, I hear her laughing

There’s nothing I can do

I lift myself up off the ground

“Here, I made this card for you”


"That's really quite an entrance"

I smile and say to him sweetly

I'd really love it, if you wouldn't mind

Would you read the card to me?


I open up the paper heart

My shyness I can’t hide

And then proceed to read the poem

I’ve written her inside


                       ~Will you be my Valentine

                       On a perfect day like this

                       And if it wouldn’t be too much

                       Could I please have a kiss?~


He looks a little bit nervous, and

I'm feeling just a little bit shy

I've been waiting such a long time

Now I finally get to kiss this guy


I really hope she liked my words

My feelings for her real

Perhaps this poem did the trick

Her perfect kiss I’ll feel


I wrap my arms around him and

Bring him in close and tight

Inviting his lips to touch my own

My knees feel weak, my head feels light


I reach behind and close the door

While her lips are very close to mine

You all can figure out the rest

I’m staying here with my Valentine



© 2015 willweb

Author's Note

Happy Valentine's Day from Ana and Will

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Featured Review

Brilliant!! At last the kiss has happened behind closed doors (did i ever mentioned i bugged both your apartments in case of this and the video's are for sale on ebay tomorrow, cut price at $5, 2 for the price of one, sorry it just was not steamy enough haha) a magical poem from the new writing act on The Writer's Cafe.....I give you Willana, or maybe Anawill, either way they are great and that's all we need to know, well done guys :)

Posted 5 Years Ago

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Matching Socks

5 Years Ago

Thank you Richard, you're very kind. :)
This comment has been deleted by the poster.

5 Years Ago

LMBO Richard, your comment is as fun as the poem.. Double fun here.....Thanks


Great flow and play with words. Very well done. The dual perspective is clever and well executed.

Posted 4 Years Ago

Wonderful, and playful interplay!!! Made me laugh! Excellent collab.

Posted 4 Years Ago

Great work with you two. Absolutely enjoyed the read.

Posted 5 Years Ago

I really enjoyed your poem. Two innocents in love. Of course they do.
Myself, I believe I'm an incurable romantic.

Posted 5 Years Ago

This is an awesome duet simply splendid the kiss and much more if you ask me good job kids

Posted 5 Years Ago

Has it seriously been this long since Valentine's Day? And I missed this poem? This is a great, fun and romantic whirl, Ana and Will!

Posted 5 Years Ago

Wow! This is one of the sweetest Valentine poems I have ever read.. beautiful !!!

Posted 5 Years Ago

Great collaboration and a lovely rhyming story. I love a little imperfection; sometimes perfect it hard to live up to.


Posted 5 Years Ago

Nicely done! A bit of suspense and left to the reader's imagination as to what happened next. But I think we really know now don't we??? Good write. ~Sharon

Posted 5 Years Ago

Wow, I really like this duo between you two! It was really nice, and I loved how it showed both sides of this scenario. I think this shows us in our humanity, and our rushing and hopes and dreams when it comes to love and that person we care about, and hope that they feel the same way. I'm inspired to do a colab duet with someone now because of this! Anyways, you guys should do this again! I really liked it. :) I love how you say that, "You can figure out the rest." I love how he falls and you show his shame, while showing her care and nervousness. This is just amazing. I love it. :) Keep writing, preferably together!

Posted 5 Years Ago

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Canton, OH

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