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Just thoughts yet again. I have tried hard not to preach no one likes to be told. Hope you enjoy. Would very much appretiate all type of comments, Thanks


My generation seems very much like the result of a one night stand drunken f**k of democracy. I base my thoughts regarding this on the fact that in these times, everyone has an opinion about exactly everything but still it feels like you can count on one hand the people who have the knowledge about the subjects being discussed to back up their fanatic saliva foaming rage.  The information is received from one path, the path they agree with. And the others? Well they are the others. This is hardly news but I often think of why this is. It is as if the freedom to talk freely has gone sour and the people who know what they are talking about get blurred out in the massive white noise of those which flinging bricks with a rag wrapped around their faces in a frenzy which is spawned from information received on twitter. We joke about the phrase “well if you heard it on the internet it has to be true” but I often get the impression that it´s getting less and less of a joke.

You see I grew up with the delusion of that the world is a safe place because it’s run by grownups, and grownups just like my parents were always right. This of course seems idiotic but yet, I didn´t know better. I grew more worried the older I got when I began to realize that they are not always correct and worse, they killed people and imprisoned people for the same juvenile reasons a kindergartner would. They look different; they don’t agree with me about it being my time to use the swing; the working area for constructions in the sandbox is getting more limited by the day and anyone who has ever grabbed a handful of sand destined to architectural greatness on the top of your sand castle only to feel the squishy sensation of a buried cat s**t in your hand, knows that there are preferred areas in a sandbox from which to extract sand. This goes on still just in a larger scale with adults. It concerned me and it still does.

An incident recently got my attention and as a result produced a great deal of frustration but mostly disappointment for my part. A high standing politician in the moderate party said publicly that the employment amongst immigrants was much lower than that of the native population. Nothing new about that, good old fear of that which is foreign leads to reluctance to employ people from a different nation. What truly repulsed me was what happened next. Media and competing parties threw themselves over it like flies on rotting flesh. The warped comment could be read the very next day everywhere. The moderates hate foreigners. Large black letters. I don’t like the moderate party, I don’t care much for politics at all and neither do I accept every other s**t law or suggestion they put forth. But this was revolting.

One would think you would at least be man or woman enough to respect your opponents and perhaps even learn new ways to view a problem through their eyes but no. It was still the same behavior you get from minors. The active hunting of people to blame in combination of vomiting reassurance about how something as racist as that would never happen if their party were in office.

When the feces were soaring at its worst a member of the moderate party stood up and took his fellow members side and said that they only showed the people the numbers, statistics. It wasn´t a statement, a sucker punch on foreigners. It was a fact. The opposing parties quickly retreated not wiser not more mature but instead rather wounded and quickly brushing it off as a misunderstanding.

The part that makes me worry about the future is just that. The arrogance, the childish pride and the finger pointing is pathetic and it is not only by individuals, it is by leaders, political parties and nations. It feels in my opinion like the fight for remembrance and immortality in people’s hearts and minds circumvent the very cause. Discussions are more focused around conversion than that of compromise and understanding. They seek to ridicule and falsify everything, even if it may possess truth or value. For the sake of being right, being true and being strong, a true leader doesn’t need others ideas.

It feels like it smears of on the young and creates a group who crave nothing more than an injustice to conquer and to be remembered by. We get involved in conflicts, perhaps more even than those who it actually concerns. We leech of sorrow that isn´t even our own, buy pins and place flyers, participate. But do we really participate, or do we simply crack open a beer and sit on the sidelines hoping the guys we agree with win? Prove that they who you sympathize with deserved their spot in the sandbox all along?

A friend of mine recently got beaten badly. He has a receding hairline and as a way to conceal this and still acquire the ladies he shaved his remaining hair clean off. He is no David Beckham now but he at least doesn’t have the mad scientist look going as he did previously. He decided to go for a night out in the city with friends and when his friends left him smoking outside to retrieve another buddy from the top floor in the apartment complex in which said buddy lived he got jumped, alone, and got beaten down by a group of leftist Anti Nazi freedom fighters. They kicked him in the face and took a chip of one of his front teeth. He won’t be getting that back, just like his hairline. This was people his own age, out late at night to make a statement, to fight corruption. They later bragged about beating him on a related web page proudly boasting about the amount of a*s kick delivered to my friend. Or as they wrote, Nazi scum. 

This is common I know, all I am questioning is the value of “engaged” citizens who has their s**t all wrong yet still flails around with banners and horns proclaiming the purity of their cause. It has a crusade type of feel over the whole damn thing.

© 2012 Worriedkatt

Author's Note

Since I am half Swedish and half American sometimes some Swenglish sneaks into how i write in form of how I construct sentences and the like. If you see anything which looks wierd (except my crappy spelling) please let me know. It is much appretiated.
Kindest regards,

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Added on June 6, 2012
Last Updated on June 6, 2012
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Örebro, Sweden