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As I realized it was you
My heart skipped a beat
I knew through and through
You'd always mean the world to me

Our paths crossed as they always had
As if I was following you
That drove me mad
Always a few feet behind

We were headed the same direction
Tears, of fear or joy, formed in my eyes
As I suffered resurrection

A fork in the road
Split our souls far apart
And I doubt you know
That you're the one that took my heart

I could turn around,
And try to find you
But I hear a wonderful sound
And I hope that you do too

I see a meadow at the end of my path
I wonder where your path leads to
I feel this is what hath
Brought me back to you.

Walking into it now, I see light
And I can finaly see again
I had been so long in the darkness of night
I felt like my life was at its end

But there are wonderful songs,
Of nature-of its wonder and beauty
The people are gathered in throngs
And they all sing to me-

"Your love hath gone and gone
Your happiness has past
But here in this wonderous place hear your song
Because its the one you will hear last"

And then the song of the birds filled the air
The pitch, the tune, was too much
It was way to much to bare
It reminded me of him..and I longed for his touch

Then across the lovely meadow
My eyes see his face
He walks ever so slow
And I sigh at his grace

Here I am, I want to say
Though I dont, he sees me
Here I am, and I want to stay
But the great powers of nature release me

From this life to another
I follow the great light
I'm soon with a different mother
That's not my own, but that's all right

Because in the morning
I'll never remember
No, tonight is the only mourning
The night of the 14th of december.

Who will he be now?
Will he be in my life?
He must somehow..
Reincarnation can't bring destiny strife...

While I listen to the nurses soothe my tears
I long for the meadow that I'll soon forget
And I miss his skin, so smooth
And I know that loving him, I'll never regret.

© 2010

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I can't quite figure out who he is or where he is but, this really captured me. I dig it.

Posted 11 Years Ago

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Added on February 11, 2010
Last Updated on February 22, 2010
Tags: rebirth, reincarnation, love, paths, crossing, crossed, again, hate, recognition


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