The Real Distance Between the Star and the Skye

The Real Distance Between the Star and the Skye

A Story by

Star stared out into the horizon where the sun set the clouds ablaze with corals and peaches and auburns that would melt the heart of any soul who had the rare chance to see this occurence. The hues enlivened the few strawberry strands in her white blonde hair. She rested her chin upon her knees, which she cradled against her chest with her arms. Her bare toes curled and uncurled, feeling the lively, luscious grass beneath them. She longed for her sister, her true soul mate.


The land they cared for had become unruly. They had to split up to try to tame the grass into a more organized, peaceful scene. However, their separation seemed to only cause more overgrowth and spoiled crops than had ever occured on their land. Somehow the land felt their anxiety and reciprocated the emotion.


Two wild trees had sprouted up, and branches shot out in every direction. The trunk of one was white, with green leaves. The other was a deep brown with leaves the colors of fire. For the first time, animals inhabited these trees. Squirrels, ravens, and blue jays built nests high in the branches. They took a little peice of everything else from their land and mixed it into the leaves and scenery up on the hill upon which these two trees stood, looking out upon everything else, calmly.


This was the hill from which one side Star saw the setting sun, and the other Skye saw the rising moon. The overgrowth had nearly stopped, but neither of them had been able to completely groom and tend to their parts of the land. Their hearts ached for one another, and felt that the other was close. They dared not cross the hill, in case the fire of the other's camp could be seen, though miles away. They feared this would only cut a deeper hole in their hearts which they longed to fill with the other's company.


As the last few rays of the sun faded from the horizon, the air grew chilly. They both climbed down the hill, on separate sides, and built camp at the base. Had they been together, they would have kept the air warm, but without company the fires they built were to provide entertainment more than warmth.

Laying down to rest, Skye counted the stars. Star pulled out a sketch pad and drew a morning sky.


Each without the other would never be complete, so the simple substitutes they found filled their hearts and minds with enough peace to pull them into sleep. The next few days would go by faster and faster the more energy they had to complete their tasks.


This land was more important than their happiness-and yet without their happiness, it would never be as beautiful and complete as it could.

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Added on May 27, 2012
Last Updated on May 27, 2012
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