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One Last Glimpse of Light

One Last Glimpse of Light

A Story by

From every angle the landscape had regained it's beauty and interest. To the west, the waterfall flowed gracefully into the asymmetrical pond. To the east, the grassy hill was filled with roaming creatures climbing through the branches of the firmly planted, entertwining trees. To the north the once desolate, frightening forest was transformed into a lovely grouping of paths and benches for thoughtful walks. And to the south, a mountain loomed in the distance. Though the mountain seemed closer now than ever, it would soon be necessary to cross it to yet another valley to fill with nature's unique treasures.


Lorilye glanced down the path as the sound of crushing leaves and twigs filled the air. Knowing it could only be Landilye or Lhyte she refrained from calling out, allowing the traveler to find her at their own pace. Looking back down at the dusty ground, she was reminded of how long it had been since the last rains. She focused on the health of the plants surrounding her, and within a few moments the leaves were returned to their summer hues.


Feeling the renewal around her, Landilye was sure Lorilye was around. Who else could be filling the world with such life. It had been so long since she had seen her sister that she sat down at the bench, though she was sure Lorilye had felt her presence by now. She placed her bag down on the ground, and it slowly faded into the earth. All of her goals had been accomplished. The over growth had been returned to normal, the lush green grass grew as thick and soft as a rabbit's winter coat. The forest was no longer daunting. The only new challenge Landilye had seen was the mountain to the south. She was sure that was why Lorilye had come to this part of the forest, the very center. It had become the place they both went to for privacy to plan out how to tackle the new developments in this world. They were still its keepers, and always would be so long as they were in existence.


A new noise interrupted the thoughts of the sisters. A soft humming noise sounded down near the edge of the forest. Without a word, the two came together and left in the direction of the hill. At the base sat a young girl, who had nothing of the bright red hair and mahogany eyes of Landilye nor anything of the white blonde hair and hazel eyes of Lorilye. She was very plain, with mousy brown hair and dull brown eyes. Her power, however, far out-weighed both of theirs combined. She was the owner of this beautiful landscape, the creator of most everything here. Only the bindings and fences were that of the sisters'. Hers was the trees, the grass, the water, every living and known object here was because of her. Even the sisters' presence, though their existence was never thought to be because of her. She was Lhyte. The first creation that sparked every other creation here. This was her mind.


No words could have been said that would have meant as much as the look the sisters gave each other. Lhyte stood, as gracefully as was possible in this world, and nearly ran to them. Though they could never touch, their presence so close together was better and more intimate than any embrace could every be. Just as Lhyte was about to speak, Lorilye and Landilye both said, “I have missed you, too.” The sun crossed nearly behind the hill, and knowing she could not leave during the night here, Lhyte blew them a kiss, more meaningful to each one of them than anything else, and slowly moved into the forest.


Hoping that she had changed her mind, the sisters ran into the forest hand in hand. They searched all down the path until the last rays of sunlight fled from the sky. Not only had the sun left them alone in the darkness, but so had their only true Lhyte.

© 2012

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Added on May 27, 2012
Last Updated on May 27, 2012
Tags: the, real, distance, between, star, and, skye, subconscious, envisioned, last, glimpse, of, light


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