A Death Note

A Death Note

A Poem by

Persistent pain and blood with each hard cough.
I went seeking for some medical aid.
'You are going to have it very rough.'
'A second stage cancer', the doctors ruefully said.

They gave me just a few more months to live,
to count the fall of every numbered breath.
Their diagnosis was only able to give,
the confirmation of a quickly approaching death.

As if on a time machine, a sudden ride I took,
and knew beforehand how and when I died.
Hiding places where none would ever look,
now, wouldn't hide me from this assassin inside.

Wave after wave of emotions ravaged my mind.
Like a wave ravages a feeble castle of sand.
I sought for an you but that you I couldn't find,
I realized, I had a solitary stand.

I knew not when you conveniently abandoned me,
but I remembered hidden letters I found before.
Letters which were not for me to see.
Amorous words, from your paramour.

I know, it is not fair that you live alone.
I would have suggested you find someone instead.
But was it too hard or is your heart of stone,
you could at least wait, till I was dead.

My body was wrecked by cancerous tissue,
my mind by cancerous hate.
So I didn't make the letters an issue,
to furthur worsen my pitiful state.

Now that the time has come to take your leave,
I will be at my charming best.
We have long run out of anything to give.
So I will take this chance to make a last request.

Please don't try to sweeten up my death,
with that look of concern in your eyes.
Please don't try to sweeten up my death,
with loving words, all sugar coated lies.

Don't you cover your face so it can't be seen.
What is it? Are you trying to cry?
Because I rather thin you are suppressing a grin.
You can't deceive me, how hard you may try.

Oh, you are really good with that grieving groan.
Real enough to have the doctor's sympathetic sigh.
Go on...tell them you are waiting to hear me moan,
one last time before I finally die.

Finally, I wont address you by your real name,
I write this letter to 'Medusa' instead.
For though your stare did not turn me stone,
I assume... you stared until I was stone cold dead.

© 2012

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This is deep! I like your wording, you put a lot of time into this I assume. Its very constructive and interesting the way you change your words around. Its sad but it kinda pulls at you making the reader try to create images in their minds. Very beautiful.

Posted 9 Years Ago

Powerful poem my friend.

Posted 9 Years Ago

Excellent Abhijit. The voice in it is so strong. The anger one feels with such diagnoses is sometimes very clarifying.

Posted 9 Years Ago

This is raw and intense. You have penned the feelings very well of a scorned lover. The cancer is like the pain eating away at you.. great symbolization with that.. xxx

Posted 9 Years Ago

I can feel the emotion emitted from this poem cleaverly dark and thought provoking you tell a stoy perfectly and its nice to see a variety to your writing very well done

100/100 from me

Posted 9 Years Ago

I myself love the turned around phrasing i do it myself some who see writing as a mathematical problem do not understand this .but I say it is there loss

Posted 9 Years Ago

just one typo..should be 'think' rather than 'thin'..but the poem like all of your other works is amazing..it evokes a melancholy that stays for a while..bravo!!

Posted 9 Years Ago

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I rather like this. I have occasionally wondered if I've walked into the right funeral service because the person being described does NOT sound like the person I knew.

Posted 9 Years Ago

); this is so sad.

Very nicely written.

Posted 9 Years Ago

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