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"Run and hide for the fires consume' All that's left in sight,..." This is a poem about the disasters associated with a possible world apocalypse




Run and hide for the fires consume,

All that is left in its sight,

You cannot run nor escape its loom,

You are its tonight.


Hell breaks loose with a thunderous roar,

And demons spring to Earth,

This is your end; your life is no more,

It’s been set since birth.


The horrid sounds of people dying,

The screams of a million souls,

Above your head spirits are flying,

Their eyes black as coal.


Screaming you fall; you kneel; you hide,

Cover your head and hold on tight,

Your mind is completely clueless inside,

Could God end man tonight?



© 2012

Author's Note

If there are any grammar problems, I apologize in advance, but what do you think of the words? I thought it sounded pretty good when I wrote it.

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Added on February 14, 2012
Last Updated on February 14, 2012
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