All's Fair in Love and War

All's Fair in Love and War

A Story by Ayanna

Tired of the killing life, Brianna ran. Amused beyond belief by the killing life, Beck stayed. Two partners perfectly made for the other in hell.


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Brianna strutted past the ominous ally as though it were not going to disrupt her ‘mission’. No, not something like “Mission Impossible”.

More like mission “I’m tired of my current boyfriend”. As she kept forward heading for said ‘meeting point’, she was completely oblivious to the suspicious guys having serious conversation.


“Beck!” called a teenage boy “Why? Why did you lie to us?” he questioned, “I thought we were … were friends?”

‘Beck’ turned around with a cold look. He slowly started too grin an icy cold grin.


The ‘meeting point’ was Brianna’s favorite café. It had this elegant feel to it. Like the ones I used to dine in ‘back then’. Brianna thought. No, she will not think about those times again. Brianna was through with those days. Brianna shifted her focus back to the boy in front of her. Liam, she believed his name was; he was a tall, tone boy with shaggy brown hair, browner eyes, and white teeth. All this had once had an amazing effect on Brianna but now … it was, well dull to say the least.

“Listen” she began “I don’t think we’ll work out.” she stated. She could visibly see his face fall.

“Why?” he asked “Did I do something that didn’t please you? ‘Cuz I’ll change that. Bri I need you! I-” she cut him off with her perfectly mannered left hand.

“See this,” she gestured with her hands towards both of them “this is why. When I first met you, you had had a glow so bright; now it’s so~ dull and gray.” She explained calmly.

He looked at her in a confused manner. Brianna took a sip of her latte and made a face. It’s lost all its warmth she thought. That means it’s time to go. She suddenly stood up surprising ex-boyfriend.

“Besides, I’ve never actually like you liked you.” She stated pulling out a couple of bills, “I only dated you because a ‘said friend’ liked you.” She flipped her dark brown �"orange hair over her shoulder. She glanced down at him. “You should know her; her names Maria I think.” She explained. “She’ll make you happier than you ever thought I could.” With that said she began to walk away.


His mouth was forming words, while the other boys stood stunned and gaping like fish out of water. “I’m a double agent and an assassin. I never truly thought of you as my ‘friends’. Especially you Chase.” Beck seemed to be satisfied with his answer. The look on their faces made his eyes light up with ecstasy. Yes give me that confused hated look he thought. In Becks line of work friends were basically your enemies. They meant nothing. When being one of the very few secret agent teens out there, friends could be a double-edged sword. They were there when needed or they could watch you fall to your own demise.

Chase was shaking, obviously not crying because what 18 year old spy did such a thing. But truthfully his shaking was out of hate and disbelief. Beck turned his back once more heading for his new mission. So he never noticed Chase begin to open his mouth …


“How could you?”Is what Brianna heard before walking off, so she stopped mid-step.

“Excuse me?” she questioned.

The boy looked up. “You heard me! If you knew she liked me, why’d you date me? Isn’t that cruel and rude?” he asked loudly.

Brianna just gave the boy an annoyed stare. She took three long strides back to the table and narrowed her eyes. Brianna was giving him the same stare she gave Maria. It was said to have withered men’s balls and make children cry.

“Why on earth” she started “Should ‘I’ step aside for my ‘friend’ whom was looking at you from afar? At her pace it’d take YEARS to ask you!” she yelled.

He was going to retort, but she beat him to it.

“It’s called LIFE! If you sit around waiting for a miracle you will be waiting ‘till your death bed!” she shouted. “So I took the initiative and asked you out first! Is that such a crime? Well, that’s how her cookie crumbled love! She should have worked up the courage to ask you!” her voice was getting louder, but she stopped caring.

“Besides, you make it sound like girls shouldn’t date others crushes. That. Is. Total. Bs. The handbook my defined butt! Last time I checked it wasn’t written in stone that we couldn’t do such a thing!” she ranted.

Liam just continued to stare, gape and shrink in his seat all at once.

“So ‘why?’ you ask, you bumble headed idiot? It is because Alls Freaking Fair in Love and …”


“Are you being serious?” Chase asked.”A double agent? Really? Beck you’re a good spy but a double agent- don’t get ahead of yourself!” he sponsored allowed.

Beck just looked at the poor guy. In Becks line of work, the number one emotion you were allowed to feel was Pity. And frankly that’s exactly how Beck was feeling. Pity was said to be a feeling used by people who feel superior to others. That’s who Beck was: superior to them. After all he was top ranked assassin and spy.

“You’re really pitiful” he stated “If you must know ‘why’, it’s because that’s ‘life’! If you don’t like it give up on it. No one’s making you stay!” he retorted

Beck grinned “being a top assassin is my job. If I have to fake being ‘friends with a bunch of class C losers to do a job- then hell I’ll suck it up and bear with it.” Beck pushed his black bangs from his face leaving his now clear blue eyes to look at the group in front of him.

“I’ll tell you why I do things the way I do…” Beck said. All Chase could do was gape at him like a fish. He couldn’t hear what he said clearly through the pounding in his ears, but he though he heard “All’s fair in Love and War”.

Beck turned on the heels of his feet and took long strides toward the opening of the ally. He took out the photo and glanced at it. All Beck could think of was finding her. Brianna he thought with depression. Her last name was Miller. He scoffed so she claimed.


Brianna sat on a park bench deep in thought. Across the park she spotted a crowd of boys with a girl at the center. It was obvious that she was being bullied. Brianna narrowed her eyes and zeroed in on the scissors some held.

Brianna abruptly stood up and strode over to them. Swiftly she removed all scissors form the boy’s hands. With a glare so death ridden she looked down at them.

“Now what” she gave the girl a cursory glance “do you think you’re doing?”

“Move it, Old Lady!” twitch

“Yeah nobody should have such weird hair” frown

“Red is unnatural!” pause murder

She looked down at the girl Indeed she did have red hair! But it’s a pretty shade of natural fire red remarked Brianna. She turned her attention back onto the boys. They were not even past her chest and heck she was at least 5’9”. She took notice of their red faces. It obviously was not from anger, considering they were ogling the copper haired beauty. The female player sighed.

“Now why would a bunch of boys be bullying a little girl, whom by the way is really cute?” she asked feigning innocence.

She noted how they flushed a deeper red. Bingo she thought with triumph they have a crush, and they’re using kindergarten flirting! she mused

She looked to the girl and raised her trimmed eyebrow at the girls forming blush. Resting her smooth hands on the red hairs shoulder she whispered to the girl some words of encouragement. She could see the girl shaking with fear and doubt, and how it changed to a straight back and an evil glint in her eyes. My work here is done!

Turning and walking off she couldn’t help but look back at the child. The copper haired goddess grinned at what she saw. Though in her own world she didn’t fail t notice the handsome teen not hiding his intense stare. She mentally scoffed and kept walking fully aware that he was following. Oh great a stalker she glanced over her shoulder and nearly died at who she saw Damn! I know that face anywhere! They’ve found me! Brianna mentally screamed. Brianna switched from walking to long strides and kept at it till she reached someplace secluded


Beck had found his … target and she changed. The girl he knew never would have cared for a girl being bullied. No, but the one in front of him did. He’d have figured that living amongst regulars had softened her. He realized he was staring at her intently, he took her non-existent shock that she couldn’t see him probably.

As she started to walk he followed without hesitation. She must think I’m a stalker. When she turned once again the shock was evident on her as her eyes got as wide as saucers and she nearly choked on air. Time for a reunion, right Brianna. Beck thought mused. You can’t keep running… if you do I’ll have to kill you.


“How did you find me and what do you want?” Brianna asked without interest.

“That’s my secret and you are, Brianna.” The handsome boy stated

“Look, I’m not in the mood to play your games and I have no intention of going back to ‘that’ world!” she hissed

Beck narrowed his eyes “If that’s your answer then” his eyes flashed a midnight blue as he pulled out a gun “I’LL HAVE TO KILL YOU!”

Her eyes softened for a moment but vanished as her own eyes flashed a dangerous forest green, as she pulled out two hidden guns. “I’ve chosen this life to live and I won’t have you take it from me!” they both charged at each other, trying to forget their past.


Any sane bystander would freak out about how they saw bullets but none heard any being shot. Though seeing as how they were in a secluded part of town, that was not an option. They each had a weapon made for their own taste. Most assassins chose silent weapons though so there wasn’t much else to say.

As the last tricky maneuver was played and the last bullet shot, only one person walked away that night. And all that person could think of was ‘How could I have done that?’ or ‘Why did it have to come to this?’ or ‘What will I do now?’. And lastly I did what I had to do…

“After all … all’s fair in love and war.” Looking up at the sky clutching her grazed arm, the copper haired beauty continued to stare “… Right, Beck?”

Turning around, once again Brianna walked off and left her 4th dream town once again. Uninterested with the two pairs of eyes watching her leave a suspicious looking ally…

That’s a story for another time…


© 2012 Ayanna

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