Dreams Adrift in a River of Puke

Dreams Adrift in a River of Puke

A Poem by Wunderlich

So yeah. Enjoy, I guess.

These days are stained in puke
The fetid colors of my youth
I just don't have the energy
To even think about you

These hours are all too real
I count down the time till I cease to feel
The vibration of the mower's engine
Will never still, not even in my sleep

What are you looking at?
I hope you had a good laugh
Goddamnit I'm just a joke
Got nothing to live for

You're watching with tears in your eyes
Broken up over my broken life
Yeah, it was kind of funny at first
But now it really hurts

So I want to know how it feels
To be nothing but a dream
Merrily you set sail
And drifted down the stream
Got caught up in a storm
And now you're out at sea
Thousands of miles away
I forgot what I want to be

These thoughts are stuck to my skull
All my problems are all my fault
Goddamn I hope I don't have a soul
Got s**t and gum stuck under my shoe
And they'll stick with me longer than you

© 2010 Wunderlich

Author's Note

Originally it was titled "Dreams Adrift". Which title do you prefer?

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definitely "Dreams Adrift in a River of Puke", it's much more striking and original, and i think does a better job of describing the poem...which by the way was very good. it created a very lost and bitter feeling in my gut as i read it.

Posted 12 Years Ago

I like "Dreams Adrift in a River of Puke"
its more inventive and creative.
Besides "Dreams Adrift" is a kind of Cliche title for a poem..
Idk just my opinion.
Great write though.

Posted 12 Years Ago

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