Sweet Addiction to Your Lies

Sweet Addiction to Your Lies

A Poem by Tori



I know I'm not supposed to complain,

But I'm going to do it anyway...

F**k you

F**k my life,

How could I ever think everything would be alright?

Fool me twice,

shame on me,

why waste my breath loving you

when it's already hard to breathe?

I'm choking on your presence and

drowning in your eyes,

This sweet addiction to the pain

This sweet addiction to the lies.

Watch me fade away

while you steal my heart today.

F**k this,

F**k it all

Why bother catching me when I just want to fall?

I'll cry in the night and hide beneath the covers,

Go ahead and dream your dreams

and leave me awake to suffer.

I strayed from him to find your arms,

Now I'm searching,


Tripping in the dark.

My hero in this dying hour,

Has turned into nothing but a coward,

That face I can't see but I'm trusting anyway,

Has pulled me from destiny

towards the words I should not say.

All my hopes had spawned in you

and basked in your light,

Now I'm glad I cannot see the world through those eyes.

I thought you were my angel,

My opportunity in disguise,

Looks like you're just another user...

But I'm still addicted to those lies.

The way you take advantage...perhaps I should be worried?

But I love it when you say I'm beautiful,

though the mirror tells a different story.

Confusion sweeps throughout my mind,

believing you is just a waste of time.

What I know and what I need,

It really makes no difference,

In the end they'll both kill me.

Such a sweet addiction I've found myself in,

The endless nights of wanting what will never begin.

If I don't say those words you wish to hear,

I know you'll give up on me,

But how can I tell you how you make me feel,

without feeling so damn guilty?

F**k life,

F**k everything you say,

I can't stand not knowing where this is going,

or what lies I'll hear today.

Give me more of your sweet lies,

Help me make it through the night.

Mask my horror and show me pain,

Love and hate, with you it's all the same.

So tell me more, make me want to die,

Just keep saying that you love,

God, This sweet addiction to your lies.



© 2011 Tori

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... Tori... I F****N LOVE THIS SO MUCH!!!! It's just marvelously awesome!!! I'm in love with thissun. New favorite. :D

Posted 10 Years Ago

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A Poem by Tori