Michayla's Song

Michayla's Song

A Poem by Tori

I love you K-kay and I miss you so much, so does everyone else. But I know you're strong and I'll see you one day. All for One, and One for All (and Two for Tea!) <3

Beautiful girl holding the world upon a string,
That lovely soul that couldn't help but love everything,
A smile that would make your heart melt,
She'd never let you know how she really felt.
Fighting a battle that she knew she would win,
makes it even harder to think this is the end.
So strong from the inside-out,
Always smiling though I'm not sure what about.
Even when her burdens knocked her to the ground,
she always got back up, never backing down.
All for one and one for all,
We love you too much to let you fall.
Beautiful Angel girl with golden wings,
You're not afraid of anything. 
I know you're somewhere in God's arms,
Never again will you have to face the dark.
So perfect of a person I just can't believe it's true,
I thank God every night for just ever meeting you.
I know you're free to fly away,
but that won't stop the lonely pain.
I have to wonder what you're thinking
as you watch us all from above,
Surely you have been ,
How much you were truly loved.
So I'll cry and say I'm happy for you,
you've finally found the light,
Even though I tell them all "It'll be ok!"
I know nothing will ever be alright.
So wait for us up in heaven,
We'll see you soon enough,
You've waited so long now,
I know it's going to be rough.
But hang in there Beautiful Girl,
Never forget how much you mean to us,
Never forget you were my world.

© 2011 Tori

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So... This was awesome as well... Though I couldn't finish it cause it made me quite sad. So, I suppose that is win on your part, as a writers chief goal, I think, is to invoke emotions to the reader. And... It worked! Wonderful job, Tori. :D

Posted 10 Years Ago

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Added on April 29, 2011
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A Poem by Tori