Not that Girl

Not that Girl

A Poem by Tori

Teenage girls are strange :P


He hasn't spoken to me

He must hate me.

Is there another girl?

Why's he even dating me?


I will not be that girl.


He thinks I'm fat,

I'm not good enough for him

He doesn't really love me,

He just wants one thing in the end.


I will not be that girl.


I can't make him happy,

It's all my fault he's so upset,

I wouldn't blame him if he dumped me,

Maybe I should kill myself instead.


I will not be that girl.


We'll be together forever,

a church, a dress, two rings.

He'll be there to hold my hand,

And kiss my cheeks through everything.


I will not be that girl.


I wonder what our kids will look like?

I bet they'll have his eyes.

God only knows he'll be the perfect husband,

And I the perfect wife.


I will not be that girl.


We'll grow old together,

Sitting in our rocking chairs,

Holding hands and whispering

"I need you more than air"


I will not be that girl.


Lie to you and break you,

Suck you dry and use you,

Never let you leave my sights,

Beat you down and abuse you.


I will not be that girl.


I don't think about tomorrow,

I won't worry about today,

Even if I wanted to,

I won't ask you to change.

I won't drive you off,

Or Plan our every step,

But if I'm not what you're looking for,

I'm envious of that someone else.

But I swear I won't cry in front of you,

If you're ready for someone new,

I won't beg you to stay,

Or ask "oh, what can I do?"

I won't try to control you,

Or ever change your mind,

If it's what you really want,

Then I promise you it's fine.

I will never use you,

Or obsess over every move,

I won't kill myself if you leave,

Because "I can't live without you".


I am not that girl 

© 2011 Tori

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I love this piece. I like the " I am not that girl" line particularly. I like the dpeth of the opening stanza. " Not speaking to me, must be another girl, issues with weight, and guys being after just one thing. a honest portrail of teen age girls everywhere. Then we get that line the makes this peice more than a poem. I will not be that girl. I like the battles within this poem. I should be upstairs crying tear stained plotting his down fall how dare he date someone else. I should be .... but i'm not because i'm not that girl. great paralells in this work as well. one minute " I wonder what are kids will be like - church- rings and all that that brings growing old together that is balanced with "I wont beg you to stay " In all this piece strong and solid and is a different take on "The Relationship" But al thought it has many quality lines within structure my fave line of the whole piece is " But I swear I will not cry in front of you" excellant work Tori inspired.

Posted 9 Years Ago

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A Poem by Tori