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I'm like a vegan diet, I have no beef.
If someone slaps me, I turn the other cheek
and let them slap the other too,
and say 'ooo' because it feels good to be hit like some
blaspheming jew,
or someone more new, like an indian dude.
I fight the secret war, not sure what for
Non violence, it's a science,
and I've got it down to an art.
Some say that makes me pretty smart,
but deep down, I have a bit of an itch...
A thought that maybe I'm just a P***Y A*S B***H.

© 2012 ...

Author's Note

let me know what you think.

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I enjoyed it.

It accurately conveys an insecure intellectual's internal dialogue.

To many the end would appear anti-intellectual, but actually such an extreme response is characteristic of abnormal intelligence, as those abnormally intelligent necessarily mentally filter less, and can psychologically handle more jarring realizations.

What the "secret war" is was never definitively explained.
"I'm not sure what for" veers off topic, into more reasonable insecurity, somewhat derailing the poem's primary sentiment --insecurity based on vague intuition.

Posted 6 Years Ago

Hmmmm...Jews are most famous for the "Eye for an Eye" thing, so not sure if that exactly fits, but I get the feeling - since, they've also been persecuted historically (maybe because of the Eye for an Eye).

Also, it's very very very very hard being non-violent as a male in this time and space. and vegan too.

When your cheek swells up and that primordial blood rushes through your vein and up your cheek, a clenched shaking fist dangles in the air.

Posted 7 Years Ago

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