Gods and Goddesses: Earthen Souls

Gods and Goddesses: Earthen Souls

A Book by Krystal

Xeseyta is a Siberian who lives on the world Elruga known as Neptune to humans and soon taken to Earth. There's a legend, about a goddess and four elemental guardians. It's a typical life until...(OOC


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© 2010 Krystal

Author's Note

This is purposely everyone's POV. When the Prologue said "To hear hers, is to hear everyone's" was literal XD! I'll return reviews when I can (I have other things to read on other sites), as long as it's not short and simple because... it's annoying when I give a critique and I get this small thing in return and things x.x.

The first chapter was really... really, wordy, maybe so overly wordy it was annoying but... I don't know, I get reaaaally lost when writing and then everything comes out wordy and I'm going :Ehhh O.O!?: Sorry.

I update this daily so... And, I'm still young and naive so I will take any criticism ya throw at me... sometimes I catch it with my face.. but it's still catching. ^-^

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description sounds really great...waiting for first chapter to publish.

Posted 10 Years Ago

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1 Review
Added on February 4, 2010
Last Updated on February 4, 2010
Tags: Fantasy, Gore, Teen, Siberians, Life, Hate, Care, Nature, Love, Friendship, Romance, Suspense, Felines, Animals, Rabbit, Cats, Dogs, Humans, Lust, Earth, World, Worlds, Horror, Sorrow, Loss, Adventure




Nihaaaaao! (Hello=Japanese) I love to write, of course, all of use do and that is why we are here. I love to read, so if you have any requests, send me a message, but you're going to have to be .. more..