Queen of Nothing

Queen of Nothing

A Poem by Yheela

The light outside is too bright, 
but I can't find my shades 
and I'm late for work. 
Cover up my pale face 
slather on foundation and rouge, 
draw black circles around my eyes, 
mess up my lipstick by guzzling cold coffee.

My new skirt is covered in cat hair, 
my last clean blouse smeared with bronzer.

F**k this s**t!

Super late for work. 
Yelled at by the woman who thinks she's the boss of me. 
Putting people on infinite hold, 
writing emails on how much I love you, 
deleting your email address.

Too expensive coffee in too small cups, 
dry cupcakes and a pathetic salad. 
Watching you kiss another woman 
over by the elevators.

Whisper in her ear, 
asking her out, 
licking her earlobe, 
getting giggles in return.

See me! Ask me! I'm yours! 

Messing up her files,
getting yelled at. 
Staring at your door.
Eat the last emergency chocolate in my drawer. 

Subway is crowded.
Punks being loud.
Old ladies stealing purses.

Waiting for your booty call.
Nothing on but my self-esteem.
And that's in shreds. 

I forget myself.
I forget everything.
In your arms I rule the world. 

© 2014 Yheela

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i like this!! Very cool use of images and very effective!

Posted 4 Years Ago


4 Years Ago

Glad you like it. ^_^

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