A Poem by Mindless Mindset

You've got me twisted.

You've got my heart in a vice
I break the system but you're still there
Gripping on tender flesh and rapid beats
And I know you wont let go for nothing

Sometimes I hold a thought in my hand
Play with its faults and possibilities
“Maybe I'll let go. Today I'll let go of you.”
But that's just silly, wistful thinking

'Cause you've got what makes me in your veins
You breathe what breaks me in the end
And I like this game of rip and repeat
More than the bread and wine I call pride

You mold me, love, you tear me in three's
And I can't help but marvel at the mirrors I meet
Sides to me I wouldn't believe, suddenly arise
Call me crazy, but I like the faults they scream

Raw, naked, I am today, for you
Addicted to your chemical composition
I wanna be in your destructive hands
I wanna feel my heart jerk at your clutch

Too tight babe, you're too tight for me
And I can't breathe, Lord I can't breathe

© 2012 Mindless Mindset

Author's Note

Mindless Mindset
Oh God, my first poem in forever and it's nothing like my last. xD But I feel I've finally gotten back to a point in my life where I have feelings powerful and strange enough to put down like this. I guess my style of writing changes with my wave of emotions, yeah?

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I can relate, I put off writing till it's practically pouring out of my head! Forcing it before it's ready only leads to premature nonsense, at least with me anyways, this on the other hand is very well thought out and has a great depth to each and every word. I especially like the creative way you personified the emotional connection and withdrawal that love can create.
"'Cause you've got what makes me in your veins
You breathe what breaks me in the end
And I like this game of rip and repeat" These lines especially caught my attention. Very well done! :)

Posted 9 Years Ago

You mold me , love , you tear me in three's.
Well penned

Posted 10 Years Ago

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Added on August 6, 2012
Last Updated on August 6, 2012