One Little Girl

One Little Girl

A Poem by A.Broken.Beauty

poem about a little girl and her father being overseas because he's in the arm


There's this one little girl

She's as little as can be

But yet does she know

There's this man she won't see.


There's this one little girl

She's grown quite a bit

But still doesn't know

Any damn part of it.


There's this one little girl

She's gained a few years

She starts to catch on

But only at night she sheds the tears.


There's this one little girl

She writes letters that she's signed

"Daddy I hope that you are safe"

And when no replies she lies and says he's fine.


There's this one little girl

That will see him her first time

During the short leave that he gets

Here grateful mama says it's still fine.


There's this one little girl

Who brightens up at the sight

Where she waits by her mama's side

When they let out a joyful cry.


There's this one little girl

Who's daddy holds her up high

Where she clings to his army greens

Getting loads of smiles from people they pass by.


There's this one little girl

Who's daddy listens to her mama and her

While catching up on her childhood on the car ride home

But he feels for him it went by in an unfortunate blur.


There's this one little girl

Who's unhappy but's being brave

When she and her mama say goodbye

As she chokes back tears and just waves.


There's this little girl

But only little in the eyes who's been away for so long

But now she's entering high school

Where she proves his actions are heroic, scary, but not wrong.


So now there's this grown up girl

But when The Day comes and she opens the door

To find family, tears, and dreadful news

She sinks to little when she melts to the floor.


So there's this little grown up girl

Who cries at her mama's side where she leans

She hears trumpets; sees uniformed men, little flags, and a flag covered box

And she cries and cries still clinging to his army greens.

© 2012 A.Broken.Beauty

Author's Note

ignore grammer problems- I'll fix them later.
It's a little choppy to me in some parts so if you have any suggestions?

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Added on January 16, 2012
Last Updated on January 16, 2012




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