to bear yer hope the while!

to bear yer hope the while!

A Poem by A.r. Bazian

a poem about humanity... as i drank!


there were days...
when the streams
would gently tell my tale
the heavens would ease my grief with tears
should i ever fail...

still drunken
off the scent of freedom...
as i dream forth towards the light
amidst crosses and crescents both alike...
i realised; how far one's become from hope
as i watched the turf cover up in blankets
of led and frayed-sharpened rope 

we've outgrown our very own shadows
on this path for fortune in distress

breathe lightly...
O, kind meadows of light
for as the night consumes our hearts
our angels run in flight

waltz gracefully
O, brass coloured moon
as i gape at you skip for yer final goodbye
through the walls of my glass...
i watch us die...

this that we
shalt ever refuse to see
has made its stance...
and has set me free

give me leave...
my feeling... alas,
i've done no fault...
the truth bares no meaning for still
as i am in my halt...
slowly she'll wither at my sight
her flames
quenched by our apathetic steps of might

and our journey will end... where another shall begin
bare that our triumph was of clay
and that none of us shalt win...

naked of arms and armour before her say...
our days ever pleasant 'til forth that day...
comes and belays our dreams of pride...
and prejudices all astray!

i fear...o,
what i fear... as i lay my mind in rest
the callings do i hear!
good night fare beauty...
our utmost end
is now near!

The Black Iris, Of The Luminous Imperious<Photo 1>

© 2009 A.r. Bazian

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You are the master of the words that define your own life and times along by their thoughts hopes and dreams

Posted 14 Years Ago

One word mate: Astonishing!

Posted 14 Years Ago

Very prophetic and a bittersweet goodbye. The hardest part had to be feeling the intuition you felt deep within. Your words always speak depths and go much deeper than a shallow surface. I admire how much of a deep thinker you are and you always prove it in every piece you write. The more I see a vulnerable side, the more I am intrigued. Keep up the good work.

Posted 14 Years Ago

Damn bro!
This is what I call ART!
I love this black and white style in things you seem to work with lately,
I do agree with Legion's point of view about the change in the flow... But what the hell! This is a very beautiful piece none the less...
Great writing and beautiful meanings, even if they are darkened with words...

Love and respect,

PS: Nice drinking last Thursday huh? We should do this more often...

Posted 14 Years Ago

First, I want to applaud the piece. It is well written and I like the message within it. Second, I also feel this piece should be broken up into two poems. After the line "on this path for fortune in distress", it seems like the poem changes drastically as if it is another poem entirely. My favorite part would be the first three stanzas. The rest is good too, but seems different to me than the flow of the first three. Anway, still over all a good write. Bravo.

Posted 14 Years Ago

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Added on November 21, 2009


A.r. Bazian
A.r. Bazian

Amman/Salt, Middle East, Jordan

A Communist in the Making, and a Student of History and Life. Find me on Hellopoetry too: more..


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