The Quest for Survival

The Quest for Survival

A Poem by Abirami

A poem written when I was overwhelmed with what was( and is) happening around me during these hard times of COVID pandemic. I hope we reach the light at the end of the tunnel soon.

As the scary COVID came,
We started finding names to blame.

Do not step out, stay confined
Not for you or me, but for humankind

It came barging into our house
Like a lion with a forlorn grouse 

It made our schools come to a halt
And made upon the necessitous an unwieldy assault. 

Few walked a thousand miles
Like brides on an everlasting aisle without smiles

Seeing our countrymen in pain,
Makes us wonder if our precautions went in vain?

With unwavering grit, into wards we marched
Unable to take a sip of water; throats parched

We boosted our morale high
While attacks on us made us sigh

Back at home, there’s a constant prayer
For our well being while we gasp for air.

We pray and fear for their health
Hoping our shirts do not have the virus in stealth.

As I enter my haven called home,
How I wish I had a protective dome

Then I would not have to think,
That I might be a carrier on life's brink.

I see children waiting to step out and run -
To return long after the setting of the sun

Mothers waiting to send off kids to school
Counting the energy they would save, every joule

Friends who yearn for boring meetings
In the office, skipping work-from-home greetings

Hunger, poverty, widespread distress
Heavy are the hearts weighed down with stress
But certainly not nature, who is now at bliss
It might be, to notice her blessings, we needed this.

Days of suffering will soon cease;
A lifetime of joy will bring memories at peace 

Dr Abirami C
Dermatology PG Resident
KIMS Bhubaneswar

© 2020 Abirami

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Added on May 29, 2020
Last Updated on May 29, 2020
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