A Poem by SurrealityUnbound

The naiad of the Greek underworld river, the Lethe. According to myth, this river of oblivion is the site where the dead wash away their past identities and memories, so as to forget their past lives.





Trapped forever.


A haze settles upon her...a mist of tears and frosty silence, descends upon her icy skin "


" so cold "


" so flawless " 


" such wasted, lifeless beauty.




She was fleetingly innocent, now eternally serene. Quiet. Silenced. Frozen forever, 


" in time " 


" in darkness " 


" in vanity.




Not a whisper. The mist trembles under her breath "


" one breath, for every eternity "


" and an eternity, to feel a heartbeat.




Her lips are dented, misshapen, made aghast by the weight of millennia that bear down upon her "


" down, upon her icy coffin.


But her smile "


" her smile "


" timeless. Still. Perfect.



Morning melts into song, and foretells a warming day "


" sunlight drips through the fog "


" but that too...fades away. Forgotten, in the bliss "


" of this sleepy Lethean mist...


...jaded, by eternal peace "


" and beauty at endless ease...


...that which death will never devour "


" this my sweet, frosted... Asphodel flower.




A haze settles upon her...and all the world, forever.



© 2010 SurrealityUnbound

Author's Note

one main thing: the site, for some reason, doesn't seem to be able to display dashes - like that, but longer. so while you read, just replace the quotes(") with dashes. please feel free to criticize anything at all, including the form, metre, or other technical aspects of a poem that should be there but aren't, and anything else that i would happen to have overlooked. thanks a ton!!

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Added on May 12, 2010
Last Updated on May 12, 2010
Tags: lethe, greek, mythology, naiad, nymph, underworld, oblivion



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