Two in One

Two in One

A Poem by agentnoah101

One man. Two souls. One is silent. The other bold. The two live as one, yet without perfect harmony. They wage a war continuing, both an equal army. One man, two souls. One is spirit, one is flesh. One's actions pure, the other's grotesque. They battle in a stalemate, not one can win, and the man's mind is drowned out by the sound of the din. One wants what isn't his, and one gives of himself freely, only one will prevail, the other, kneeling. Both know what is right and both know what is wrong, both live with that melding quite a frightful song. The man has a choice, a choice as it were, to submit to only one, only one to prefer. Love and respect, take all and then shun, capable of both yet at the same time none. One man. Two souls. One is pushed, one is pulled. They are what captain his life, they chart his course, they are the rudder, they are the source. He knows what he wants, be right and just, but one soul wants him to say goodbye to trust. One man. Two souls. One is honorable, one is cold. They both live on, forming one mind, but to them both they are one of a kind. The war shall never end nor the two souls rest, and all the man can do is stay strong and protest. Which one shall he choose the selfish or the selfless. In the end, only one can be crowned the choice of all this. The war is constant, it is one no one can see, but oh, I can see it, the war is inside of me. Which one am I. That's for you to say. Cause there will be only one at the end of the day.

© 2015 agentnoah101

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Added on June 10, 2015
Last Updated on June 10, 2015
Tags: Poetry, mind, life



Savannah, GA

High school guy who finds that writing is a necessary key to unlocking the mind. I find that through using my personal romantic experience, the failures and successes, I can write encapsulating pieces.. more..