Anorexic America!

Anorexic America!

A Story by ahumanebeing


What is it that feels so great about being drunk?? 


This question concerns something deeper than addiction; some would say that it is vital to understand when even considering addiction.  I wonder why being drunk feels so great!!?  Is it because I want to forget what mankind is doing to itself??  With all the damage to the environment, the unnecessary wars, the wasted lives, argghhgg!!


What keeps you from pulling your hair out??  What keeps you from running around, all day, with tears in your eyes, with sadness in your heart???  Is it hope??  Is there hope that we could get it right???

I do hope, so much, hope beyond hope, that we can get it right.  Is there something I could do, something constructive, something vital??  I do not believe that anyone can be too active, can care too much about important matters in our lives, in our country.

Being drunk allows us to forget about the things that we want to forget.  Perhaps most are just more hopeful than I. Perhaps most people just know that it is easier to ignore, to focus on the more positive aspects of our existence.  Why can I not forget or forgive the trespasses on my soul, the wrongs done to anyone human being??  Why is it so hard for me move on, to continue the search elsewhere??  It is hard for me.


Life is hard.  As it should be.  I am more proud that I survive it when I realize that others give up on it.  But, I am ashamed when I see what others are doing to it, this beautiful world.

What keeps the bile in my stomach from spewing out of my mouth, each and every day that there is injustice in the world???  I believe that most people find a place in their lives that is right for them, that allows them to choke on it, to swallow it, to fight the urge to vomit up the sadness that is in them. 


But, I believe that there are others who stand up, who question authority, who shake their fist to the sky, who go to their windows and proclaim, "I'm mad as hell and I just can't take it anymore!" 


What keeps us from doing the things that we know are right and just? 

What is it that allows us to remain calm while surrounded by such chaos??

Is it because we have invented a machine that allows us to ignore it, to forget, a machine that destroys any rational thought, that numbs the soul, and that saps the humanity??  Television is necessary for us to believe that things could get better with the push of a button.  Change the channel, surf the net, microwave a burrito, anything to forget about the searing injustice going on in our backyards, the disgusting policy in our front yards, the vanishing moral landscape of our lives.


That remote control is so tempting!  Only if everything could be so easy!  At the press of a button I can change sadness into apathy!!  At the press of a button I can forget about the world outside my door, go to sleep, and actually sleep.  I can turn down the volume when it gets too loud, too relevant, and too close.  I have hundreds of choices to choose from, to make me forget what horrible things are being done to my children's planet, my daughters’ country, and my sons’ morals.


Stick your finger down your throat, America!!


Vomit up the injustice!  Start anew!  Greet the day with an agenda!!  Write!! Read!! 


Think!!  Rebel!!


Is there anything else in our time that is more important than this!??


Anorexic America!! 


I smell a sitcom!


© 2008 ahumanebeing

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Added on November 10, 2008




I'm a coward. But I try to be brave sometimes. I hope that that's enough. more..

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A Story by ahumanebeing