Your Confession to Me and My Answer

Your Confession to Me and My Answer

A Poem by smilemore

His Confession -

Here we go, this will be tough

I want to start by saying, I hope you’ll be okay,

You were amazing, just not enough,

I’m so sorry, I made you feel betrayed. 

You don’t deserve this,

Your life should be filled with bliss.

This is my confession to you,

I hope you are strong and able to get through.

I have taken you for granted,

Your love I abused,

Ripped apart the trust garden we’ve planted,

Please forgive me, I was so confused.

She meant nothing to me, I swear, 

Just a bandage to the void in my heart,

I love you and will always care,

I hope one day our love can restart. 

This is my confession to you,

I've learned from my mistakes and grew.

You may not forgive,

and thats okay,

For everyday I will live,

Trying to win you back, anyway. 

I am sorry again, 

I know what I did was wrong,

I will just be going, then,

I said I’d never hurt you, but you were right all along.

Her Answer -

My love you see,

I knew this would take place,

Why couldn't you leave me be,

Instead put this grimace on my face.

You're right, I don't deserve this pain,

Feels like the sky is crying on me, acid rain.

This is my answer to you,

I will be okay, after I drink a few. 

Though, I am not surprised, 

She's quite delightful,

I do indeed, despise,

Doesn't make what you did rightful. 

Do not apologize,

I simply don't care for it,

You embarrassed me, I cried,

You will miss me though, admit. 

This is my answer to you,

I let you slip out of sight, I thought you’d be true.

I will never forgive,

How could I so easily throw out this ache,

Weeping out sorrows for you, is how I choose to live,

Why did you do it, my heart, so easy for you to break.

Goodbye my love, I pray for your next one,

Always let her smile,

Show her life in the sun,

The darkness will hold onto me for awhile. 

© 2019 smilemore

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regarding my impressions of some of your other writes - soft and silky, sensitively and lovingly written with a purity of gentle strength, like flowers growing unexpectedly

Posted 5 Months Ago

tragic sorrow blended with yesterday's wisps of love infused, beautifully written, the ending adds further to the pain of separation, and yet feels like a hard decision outcome that makes this piece romantically poignant

Posted 5 Months Ago


5 Months Ago

Than you, yes it was a hard decision for her to let go and move on. Thank you for reading!

5 Months Ago

you're welcome

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Added on May 17, 2019
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